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  1. Enigma.

    Keep One Drop One

    Water Pump
  2. Enigma.

    Keep One Drop One

    Turtle Wax
  3. Enigma.

    Keep One Drop One

    Cylinder Head
  4. Enigma.

    Keep One Drop One

    Head Gasket
  5. Enigma.

    Bouncers and Boxers?

    been asked by a friend if anyone knows the whereabouts of a former doorman who worked the doors at cafe royal - Steve Blanchard - looked a bit like Burt Reynolds
  6. Enigma.

    Photos to cheer us up

    beautiful bloomage
  7. Enigma.

    Water Meters

    Well done Lizzie
  8. Enigma.

    Out and about with Compo

    privacy settings ?
  9. But Langley Mill comes under NG16 postcode though
  10. Enigma.

    Water Meters

    Service Valve / Stop Valve and Hydrant on wall with Ordnance Survey marker next to them
  11. Enigma.

    Water Meters

    could be a stop valve or air valve - washout fire hydrant - there is sometimes a small marker post with some letters on it adjacent to a wall for example SV AV WO FH
  12. Enigma.

    Water Meters

    usual dig out for boundary boxes in the footpath - thats probably why it cant be done so close to the tree
  13. Enigma.

    Water Meters

    the internal stop might be underneath your kitchen cupboards behind the kick boards at the base of the sink unit or in the corner of your kitchen - if you have a cellar they are sometimes located down them too the external stop tap chamber would be bricked lined so i cant see how the tree would affect it - i carry a special spade issued by stw for digging out the soil in the external boundary boxes and if the tap has broken off ive got a tool for isolating the water too if i cant isolate the water - severn trent have sometimes fitted a new external stop tap at no cost to the customer