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  1. Enigma.

    Old sweets, chocolates and snacks

    According to Cadbury Rep Jim Morris 20 years ago regarding the 5 centres the machinery that made them wore out and the sales did not justify replacing - they were discontinued
  2. Enigma.

    New Basford Lad

    RIP New Basford Lad.
  3. Enigma.

    How's your day?

    just played with the themes and in default and facebook mode the avatars are circular and the banner is showing at the top but not in old school mode white is too bright on my eyes so i stick with the old school theme i see the dreaded mobile one has been removed lol
  4. Enigma.


    old tomtom ones i can still update to the latest maps, shop around and try some on display the main factor to consider with them is the user interface and the price
  5. Enigma.

    Solving a problem

  6. Enigma.

    Where is This?

    you cant force people to like content posted and cant control them too its called free will
  7. Enigma.

    Where is This?

    its a shame when having a sense of humour and taking things with a pinch of salt seems to have been banned from here
  8. Enigma.

    Where is This?

    ian you dont own the internet and you dont own the forums , you cant stop people liking and commenting on posts , its a free world
  9. Enigma.

    Where is This?

    i dont post very often and this why , it was a normal reply with a bit of humour thrown in as well
  10. Enigma.

    Where is This?

    no need to be a bully ian and there was no need for that outburst if anyone is toxic it is you with your constant posting and not letting getting a post in edgeways
  11. Enigma.

    Where is This?

    Easy Peasy - Long Eaton War Memorial and long eaton comes under derbyshire not nottingham
  12. Enigma.


    A sad loss , Rest in Peace Ashley
  13. Enigma.

    Three words to sum up your day

    enough is enough
  14. Enigma.

    Three words to sum up your day

    End is Nigh