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  1. I only listened to it in the 90s hence posting it here I believe when I listened to it there jingle was "107.9 heatwave radio you are so fine" (according to that article it was likely 87.9 btw theres some recordings of heatwave on the bottom of that page)) I think I still have some tapes in the garage that I recorded heatwave radio on to :D they used to play some really good stuff if you were into reggae , dancehall , ragga etc I'd say it was easily the best radio station in nottingham for the youth of the 90s
  2. anyone have fond memories of listening to good old heatwave radio? :D
  3. lol this is going to sound strange but I'm pretty sure his name was either levi or barrington I can't remember which. he lived on either aspen road or alder gardens in snapewood (I can find the exact house on google maps but no signs via street view confirming which part the house was part of) It seems wierd I can't find any articles relating to it because I know for a fact he was murdered and I remember reading an article in the evening post about it. It must have been one of the most vicious murders in nottingham during the 90s BTW another murder I remember that noone listed from 2010 as
  4. Does anyone remember the murder of a birmingham man from bulwell ? It must have been somewhere around 95 give or take a coulple of years I believe he was attacked by machetes either in or near a night club. AFAIK he was supposed to be a really big drug dealer from birmingham and only lived in nottingham for a few months before his murder. I thought it was the marcus garvey centre but I can't find anything on the web at all as search engines seem to like listing modern news results first and theres nothing on the wiki page. I'm sure it happened as I remember a small article about it in the eve