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  1. does anyone know how to tune up a disability scooter  Ii have seen one on you tube ,electric powered that will do 0 to 60 mph in two seconds and close to 90 mph .I fancy a bit of that I,ve bought a pride colt to play with its 24 volt but the ECU is kaput I am trying to find an uprated one and motor with no engine brake ,any ideas?

  2. We sadly said goodbye to my long time mate Pete at Bramcote yesterday,True to form he turned up in a London bus ,I had a lifetime of laughs with the mad bugger,lt was great to meet a few old faces again too ,RIP Pete we are gonna miss you, Swe and Lyn

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  3. Is it just me being a miserable old sod ,but some of the ads,especially the one for the card machine with all the oooooing makes me turn the telly off and miss the rest of what I have been watching,mind you the programmes are such drivel that we don,t bother switching it on most nights

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  4. I have aquired a new project my rovers are finished and on the road, I fell out with the Armstrong Siddeley, it didn,t do anything for me so I sold it, so the new toy is a 1923/4 model T ford in bits I bought a chassis from a guy in Somerset with a couple of wings ,and by chance my pal Pete imported a 1926 doctors coupe to build a hotrod and sold me the running gear,I just wondered if any petrol heads on here had any bits for sale ?