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  1. Does anyone remember the Magpies Pub, I beleive it was at the junction with Meadow lane and Daleside Road? I understand a family member Eric and his wife Madge were regulars there, I think Madge also worked there as a cleaner.
  2. Very much so thanks. Still so much more for me to understand, but have found more than I ever anticipated
  3. I posted to this Forum some months ago in response to a photo of a house on Meadow Lane which was of historical interest to me. From the responses and PMs I received to that post I have been able to build up a much better picture of my connection to that house - so firstly I would like to take this opportunity to thank every one who took the time to respond, you have been most helpful and it is greatly appreciated. The Forum is a rich source information for anyone wanting to find out about life in Nottingham or just wanting to take a trip down memory lane, the Administarors and Members are t
  4. Hello - me again with another question (hopefully the responses won't be quite so graphic this time) Does anyone know if there was a "Ladies Gowns Retailers in the Meddas or surrounding area around 1963/64? ....and can I add a big thank you for all your help so far, your responses and many of the posts on this forum have helped me build up a picture of a place and time I knew nothing about yet is a part of my family history
  5. Hi all, research is progressing and many thanks to those who have responded. Andy I have got the books you suggested, very interesting and very useful in giving me a picture of what the area was like at the time i'm interested in. Would anyone know where the slaughter house and the Coop butchers would have been in the meadows area?
  6. Many thanks Andy, have, just ordered both books and looking forward to delivery I know the area will be vastly different now but will look to pay a visit in the near future
  7. Many thanks a charlesworth, this does help. I am researching my family history, happy to provide additional background, but would prefer to do so privately rather than on a public forum. I note that you do not have the "PM this member" option, is there any other way I can contact you?
  8. It is your map Cliff, it was the very thread that put me onto this forum. I was particularly interested in deeps
  9. Thank you a charlesworth, I'm not from the area myself, but looking to research family who were. Interesting to hear (and see) what the area was like at the time though. I have a particular interest in this area of Meadow Lane Would like to know where the Pub and the Scrapyard are in relation to this area though
  10. Thank you Melissa. I have high hopes having seen many of the posts on this forum
  11. Hello, I'm currently researching some family histories and would love to hear from anyone who lived in Meadow Lane (or surrounding area) mid to late sixties. Please PM me if you think you could help