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  1. Thank you everyone for your support and the links above......Having worked on the bakery site for 2 years during my Uni days, I can definetely vouch for the fact that there was a complex of huts at the rear end of the bakery site, the rumour was that this housed POW's during the war....but clearly I am stood to be corrected, the information however you have provided will be great for our history discussion circle....ta once again.
  2. Dear All Was wondering is there anyone who can shed some light on the above......I believe that there was a German POW camp at the bakery site in Watnall. I was wondering does anyone have any inforamtion in regards to this and what happend to the POW's afterwards, this is something I would like to present to our history discussion circle here in Munich......ta in advance. Munchner
  3. Cheers BasfordRed.....will keep myself posted on a regular basis....I can see from the name that you are also a fellow "Red un"....miss my trips to the City grounds on Bayern Munich tickets are impossible to get hold of if your not a Arab Sheikh or Russian Oligargh!!!...I get my football fix by supporting a local unkown team called Unterhaching...who happen to also play in Red.....Ta
  4. In the illustrious word of Angelina Jolie....."Ay up me Ducks"!!...As I am new to this forumn just wanted to ask if there is anyone from Nottingham that currentyl resides in Germany....I am myself a Born and Bred Nottingham lad who has lived in Munich these past 3 year. I would be keen to meet anyone in the Munich region from Nottingham to share local hostory and discussions.....miss being back home!!.....Anyway ta for now Der Munchner