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  1. I went to Ellis between 1960 and 1964. So sad that the old school has gone. Did anyone else attend between these years who might remember me?
  2. Hello everyone in Nottstalgia. My name is David Lye, I was born in Bulwell 24th May 1949. I went to Southwark Infants and Junior school in Old Basford and then to Ellis School on Bar Lane, Old Basford. I worked at Metalifacture in Radford until I joined the army aged 18. Does anyone remember me? I travelled a lot with my parents. My father was in the RAF. We lived in Germany, Northern Ireland and Singapore in between living in Nottingham. All my siblings still live in the Bulwell area. I now live near Clacton on Sea in Essex and I would love to hear from anyone who may remember me. David