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  1. can anyone remember carlsboro sound music shop in Nottingham use to get equipment from them are they still their
  2. Hi, does anyone remember the vox violin bass guitar use to play one when I played with Pink Harmony in the 70,s would love to get another one .
  3. does anyone remember the Clinton arms Nottingham we use to play their and I remember the stage was like a windowsill played their in the 1970.s
  4. hi, I used to play with Pink Harmony at the imperial in 1970 and 1971 has anyone got any photoes Dave Baker
  5. hi, am interested in the Beacon as I used to play their in the 70,s I was the bass player with the group Pink Harmony and am looking for any contact that might have any old photos of Pink Harmony.
  6. Does anyone remember the Beacon hotel aspley we use to play their (Pink Harmony) in 1970 to 1972 Dave
  7. I remember clockwork toys, colours of love ,carls fables,all played in the same era also the group I was bass player with Pink Harmony does anyone remember Pink Harmony and have any photos would love to hear from you