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    Fanzines etc....

    Hi RChappo, I believe the 'Skate Bunnies on the Town' appeared in a local comic called C.I.A. It was cheaply produced, just black and white photocopied A4 stapled sheets with yellow sheets for the front and back cover. I also recall they did a Dirty Harry skit with a lot of colourful language and a strip about some boy racer types off on a Sunday afternoon spin called 'Drive'. There was also a strip called 'The Incredible House' which I think was a house music take on The Incredible Hulk. That's all I can remember for now. I think the Mushroom Bookshop sold it in about 1988. Ah, one more thing, when the 1989 Batman film came out, the C.I.A. logo was altered to parody the bat symbol. That is my brain racked for now!