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  1. Hi David it's some 48 years ago we were last in contact, Stumbled across this site when trying to find some info about players motor club. Do you remember Pilkington’s yard at the bottom of Woodstock Avenue that flatbed Lorry full of bricks. It’s always stuck in my mind. I also remember going with your mum and dad to Wicksteed park or somewhere like that. We went in your dads new car or new to him a dark blue Cortina Estate. We spent most of the time in the swimming/paddling pool. Will be in contact via email Colin
  2. Must say you are extremely good with faces and names. Never heard from or seen anything of Ian Munro lost contact with lots of friends with moving house and going to Peveril at roundabout the same time. Some names of people I remember and roads they lived on. Not all went to Berridge. David Prosser Wordsworth Rd. Jimmy horrocks Grimstone Rd. Kevin Bergen top of Brridge Rd just down from the Old General pub he had a big paper round Roger Lowe Lambert Street now demolished Paul Salisbury Radford Grove Lane Peter withey Bridlington St Chris Harron Kingford Ave. Also Remember some girls lived on the right hand side of Kingford Aue.. There was a girl that was Yvonne Cutts friend can't remember her name but she came on holiday with us when I went to Berridge as found photo of us on holiday. Played tennis with her and Yvonne a few years later at Players athletic club Aspley Lane. Have an idea her first name was Jenny?
  3. Photo of me 1960 - 61 on Wordsworth Road Churchfield Lane running across the top. Still l have a cobbled road and no parked cars.
  4. Managed to upload that photo of Berridge i found No idea who the other three are in Mr Kemps retirement photo are.
  5. Picture did not upload will figure out how do it in the next few days.
  6. Found this photo me 3rd on the left at the top, I think the lad on the top row at the end right feel off an escalator in Nottingham and was badly injured and did not recover could be rong.
  7. You have a good memory, better than mine. Yes I do have a half brother called Tony who stayed at my grandparents a lot and they lived on Radford Grove Lane. His surname is Barks though. He had a Saturday job and worked for Les Tollson’s shop at the top of Glentworth Rd opposite the off license. As for Martin Jewers he lives on Wordsworth Rd or did some eight years ago as my mum would see his sister Jane sometimes when out shopping. Jane ran the Nags Head pub on Nuthall Rd Bobbers Mill for quite a time. I do also remember Jane Humphreys. Can you remember Vonney Cutts? I went on holiday with her family to Scotland and Wales. She went to live in Johannesburg. I can recall that Ian Munro,s mum did good cheese toast. As for Berridge Mr Kemp hit me with his taped together rules a few times but we did learn the times tables, not so good at remembering them now. Mr Parr rings a bell as being my teacher at some time. I will have a look if I can find any photos.. It would be good to catch up with David Priestley (Biss). Last time l spoke to him it would be with two tin cans and a piece of strings!.
  8. Hello Jill, I remember you having dark clearly hair. My hair was very blonde but I have very little left of it now. I used to be friends with Ian Monroe who lived on Grimston Rd near the bottom, a few doors up from the greengrocers Whetheralls I think and David Priestley a few doors down from the top same side. As to underwear mentioned in Chulla’s post not sure where he was going with that post? It brought a memory back, my aunt worked at Marathon knitwear on the corner of Hartley Rd and brought a bag full of colored nylon pants for me as they were just coming on to the market at the time. They got handed out to friends and I remember playing in the river leen with friends at the bottom of Woodstock Av wearing them. I remember lots of things like making trolleys and riding on them down Churchfield Lane. How times have changed. As to me I went to Peveril with that dull brown blazer and did not really enjoy going there! I moved from Wordsworth Rd when I was 12ish to Homefield Rd at the bottom of Aspley Lane near to the Wheatsheaf pub. My surname is Richardson and I now live in Woodthorpe.
  9. Hi just come across this site Lived on Wordworth Road went to Berridge school Remember Jill Sparrow, Yvonne Cutts, Martyn Jewers, David Priestley, Diane fox, Chris Harron, Stephen maychin, Roger Lowe and others who went to Berridge school.