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  1. Wanted photos of classes of Firbeck School 1955-1966 or friends of Birchwood Road, Trowell Road in those years.
  2. Looking for class friends, photos of Cottesmore Girls School from 1960 = 66 aprox onwards. Or any information whatsoever between those years.
  3. If anyone has photos from 1955 -61 when I attended Firbeck School (found one with me in it with Mr. Galloway) not sure what year this was though (memory blank maybe 5th class?) Also my sister attended there from 61-66 when we left to come to Australia. Any infomation of friends, names etc in these years would be appreciated. Linda50
  4. Looking for girls who attended 1961 approx who knew Mckley, Hill Kuff, Yenny, Zan, Duko and in Mrs Seamans class 65/66
  5. Attended Firbeck primary 1955 kindy and was friends with Peter, Ann and Robert of Trowell road and Edward in my street who's mum was the " lollipop" lady. I would love some photos as I am now in Australia and have none.