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  1. Paulo6675


    Born n bred old meadows, lived in Nottingham my whole life so far, left meadows around the age of 8-9 just as they were tearing down all the old terraces and have many fond memories of the place, always know where my house was at the corner of Wilford rd/Kinglake st, as there is a small green box that was along side of my old house, which is still there now, I assume because it is now classified as listed, even the tram couldn’t remove it!!
  2. Paulo6675

    Kinglake Street

    I used to live on the corner of Kinglake and Wilford rd, I remember it well, my dad used to work for ‘Charlie’ (who owned the pushable hotdog stalls), there was a co op made up from portable cabins along side the school on Kinglake with a derelict piece of land the other side. I remembered the Grinions, both my elder brothers used to go to school with them. There was also a yearly fair,fete on the playing fields next to the school in which we had a stand and also took part in the fancy dress competitions held during the fair,fete