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  1. Hi again Michael .I lived on the same street as Geoff Thornhill.knocked around with his younger brother Mick Boyle.Used to go and watch Geoff play football think it was down Bosworth Rd area the pitches were next to the coal heaps went home filthy
  2. Hi Michael.You left Deering a while before me but I had a brother there around that time Alan Hillyard.Its got to be the same family off Traffic St.We used to rush from school to get the short round which was Waterway St only but had to go back about 6 oclock to take late papers to the Power station couldnt beat Pipesy tho
  3. any u guys remember the disco nights in the Grove Tavern on Queens Drive it was in the room on the corner of the pub
  4. this is for the guys . if u got caught fighting did u have to go to the gym after school and put the big brown pair of boxing gloves on and sort it.I did with a pupil called Ralph Reid I ended up dislocating my right thump because of the massive gloves great days
  5. hi katy did u know Richard Pipes lived on traffic street
  6. hi guys the boy with the disfigured face is steven green he did it in a car accident the boy who had the accident is my nephew he did it on the queens drive park fence
  7. Sorry Denshaw Stapleton dosent ring a bell but you could have been at school with a couple relatives of mine two nice guys Tommy,Billy Lupton
  8. Hi Michael I also had a paper round at the same paper shop with a school mate called Richard Pipes he lived on Traffic Street.As I remember if you got to the shop first you had the choice of rounds.If you picked the shorter one which I think was just Waterway St you had to go back later and take the late papers to the blokes at the power station.Can I also say I think the chip shop on Wilford road was called Turners
  9. No buddy left school easter 68 first job Stokeys dye house kirkewhite street opposite Magna Carter pub .Went to school with Pete Poxon Steven Downes Alan Keeling John Terry Joe Williams remember any of those. By the way wot name do I call you
  10. I think the teacher I am thinking of is Mr Frear
  11. Hi guys my name is Trevor Hillyard nickname Pilch.Lived on waterway street just down from the Ashley family . Went to Roland Green till 68.Can anyone remember a teacher from Wales took sport mainly rugby had a size 10 slipper under his desk called his Dapper.The boy with the disfigured face was called Stephen Green had a brother called Philip.