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  1. And just to prove it Here I am posting a message. No its not Dicko, it's Micko! I logged out and logged in as Dicko.... How wierd is that. Now wheres that Darned Dennis... Lets ave some fun...
  2. WALES wheres that then mick, never heard of it
  3. its not winter mick its summer all the way now or do you not realise that, maybe they arent connecting eh. Us die hards that is bip and caz will continue to post, just to keep you happy mick
  4. where we going on holiday then this year
  5. bip that was no little slanging match, thought that subject was closed closed closed lol now your dragging it up again lol , angel really loves loves loves ya now, and mick has a quite life in forum mode lol
  6. hey bip i dribble all the time lol :o its fun on a forum, was once a virgin now fully flegdged ay up me duck taught me good eh, come you new guys, post some to us, its so so fun. :lol:
  7. <_< [Hey caz, lidl bip explains a supermarket chain. Its a cheap aldi lol bip. this evening caz i am now opening a bottle of good ozzie cabernet sauvignon that cost me £6 quid, well worth it, australian wine is so so good grape content. when i hiccup please excuse me and blame the ozzies hiccup again, thats the advert, try some bip and caz and stay off the beer.
  8. Would really welcome other forum members on this subject of wine or rip off britain! I know nottscops cant really respond to this one or we will all get booked lol But we live in hopes dont we people, he looks like a nice cop or dont he? sadly he should have been at the trip that night when angels daughters car got broken into. sorry BIP subject is now truly dropped love you ice, chrissie
  9. caz For a decent ozzie red around £8 and upwards a bottle. Its all the damn tax they add on it love, this is truly rip off Britain.
  10. hey Caz aussie wine good too, especially that red you churn out by the barrel, but here its expensive, same as the chillian red good stuff. Scooter boy could be doing with drinking some, looking at the size of his belly lol
  11. I love a nice glass of good french red wine not the cheap ones the good ones, being as my sister owns a good old irish pub in Brittany. Coupled with the wine sitting in the garden, slowly tasting its ambience to perfection. Wine is so so under rated in this country, come on you lot, try some.
  12. dicko


    Hey John my favourite subject as a once non believer. But most of my family now gone to the other side(if that exsists that is) none have appeared to me in person, just hubby and he is more sceptical than me until .... one day :o Where do i start, my best mate Margaret died of an incurable disease, not thru her fault however, it was passed on to her by her then husband. You can guess which it is, it started in Africa??? Anyway she died in her early 40,s. her family rang us and told me to sit down, they had bad news for us. Totally unprepared, they said she had committed suicide, and hung herself. We, me and Alan were going on holiday the week after her death, i could not cancel as we went with his parents. According to the family and friends the funeral went fine. We came back from our holidays and things started to happen in our house, we were in bed one night when the alarm went off at least 3 times, alan went downstairs to investigate, thinking we have burglars, but no, no one there. Different things happened over that week, like her picture falling off the wall face upwards on my lounge floor, my youngest daughter took a bath one evening and things flew off the wall. The stereo would get louder when music played. do many different things happened in our house. We decided to check out a medium, laugh you may well, i did. But what that medium told me was awe inspiring. She told me about Maggie as she called her and how she was trying to get back to send some message to us , that she understood how upset i was at her passing. Hence she was doing these things to get my attention in my house, she even told me that maggie liked my new drapes in my lounge, how spookie love. We did what the medium suggested and asked out loud to margaret to stop it, but hey guess what, she is still at it, my neighbours will confirm this. when i play sixties music, go in my kitchen and prepare the dinner, the stereo system goes louder and louder . i have witnesses to this, but in my heart, i know its just margaret saying hello, and asking me to think of her, which i might add, we do. My house is on the market, but i know wherever i go Margaret will come with me in spirit, We just tell her go now "go away margaret" we love you still, and please dont keep starting our burglar alarm off in the middle of the night, we have to sleep you know, you are sleeping. It seems to work now, she is listening, but she is all around here sometimes, aids is a horrible disease she should know, thats why she took her own life. Goosy pimples now, as i type this i still feel her with me, her soul and presence, and i do love her still as the best friend i ever had in this world anyway.
  13. Hey forgot this principal, going in Nottm on a weekend, seeing the cops who look about 18yrs old, thats getting old John. When your kids start telling you what to do, how to do it and why! Making a fool out of yourself thinking your still sweet sixteen (ask cali girl she will confirm that about me). And remembering to log onto this forum
  14. Welcome Bruce to the mad house, enjoy they dont bite, or do they?
  15. hey hey, forgot the other one most importantly, playing sixties music to your grand kids, and getting em into it