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  1. I remember Roy and Joan who the first landlady. Some others from mid 1950s were Alan, Lol and Bert and the original sign hanging outside now lives in my Summer House.
  2. Hi. Yes I did live next-door to your nan. We always called her Mrs Tomlinson. I remember Geoff very well, he always fussed mums cat, Sooty. I remember June and pos. Barbara? who was older, and I think she bought me a doll in national costume from Singapore. I left in 1971 ish when I got married but mum lived there until 2016.
  3. Hi. Just found your post. My name is Sandra, I lived next but one no. 76. June and I used to play "dolls". That was in the old days, when Adam was a lad and fig leaves were fashionable. We also played with Georgia Brooks she lived on Burnside. We didn't used to like her big brothers they were horrible to us little girls. Many years have gone by, I don't suppose the old guys are much of a problem nowadays! I think I was 6 months older than your mum, she always used to say she was born in June the same month the Queen was crowned. I left in 1970 and moved to Devon in 1983, but my mum lived in the same house until she died in 2016.