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  1. The man was Tony Apperley, an inventor, he did live at the start of the old section of Colwick Road. He fought a battle with the council to stay in his old house off Castle Boulevard - Rose cottages. When he was forced to move, he took the Rose Cottages sign with him and it is still on the side of the house he used to live in at Colwick. He is long dead now.
  2. Tony Apperley didn't live at Crossings Cottage, he did indeed live around the corner. This one - His house was the last one of that row and has a sign on it saying Rose Cottages which is still there. The land at the side belongs to that house. I used to walk my dog on Colwick park with his wife who also took their dog on there. She told the tale of the little triangle of land that was at the end of her garden that joined the crossing, being sold to their dog for 1p by the railway. I presume that Tony had asked permission to buy it to complete their land. That bit