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  1. Anthony here.... It's amazing how one word can change the direction of a conversation and create, yes.......another project!! You will recall that I have been reading all our comments back to Vi. In one thread I asked..."and for my delectation". Vi said Leonard Sacks used to say that on The Good Old Days. cut a long conversation short!!! Vi mentioned that she was in a episode of The Good Old Days...It was at City Variety in Leeds. I asked a question that I had thought about in the past...Did the BBC issue costumes to the audience upon their arriva
  2. Anthony here.... You will recall on Saturday that I thought I had hit the 'mother-load' with regards to postcards... I said to Vi have you ever taken the postcards out to see what had been written. She said no, as the album is too delicate to handle in places and that the album is over 120-years old... I said to Vi that there is a wealth of information on the reverse of the postcards, and with that in mind I carefully removed a card from with a photo of Bigbury on Sea....To cut a long story short, I've been looking for the birth of Vi's grandmother for 2-weeks. Vi said that sh
  3. Anthony here.... Ian Thanks for that. I've started copying and pasting images like this for's easier to show her as she does not have broadband at hers. I visited Vi yesterday (with my Mum) - between um I hardly got a word in edge-ways. No that's a first!! Anthony
  4. Anthony here.... DavidW - Very interesting read. You've all been there and done it!! Great detective work by all concerned. Anthony
  5. Anthony here.... Hi DavidW No need to apologise for putting me right (and Vi and Barbara!!). I will break it to them gently. Saves me looking at maps again!!! Anthony
  6. Anthony here.... Right - the toys are all over the floor!! I've just realised I'm double booked with my two lovely young ladies. Toss a coin....Heads (Vi) & Bread and Dripping sarnies, Tail's (Barbara) and a full breakfast. Ummmm.. "Head's it is" - I going round to Vi's at 10:00 to check out some more postcards,( and do her garden!!!). Anthony
  7. Anthony here.... I had in my mind two sets of tram lines (one for each direction of travel!!). Silly me.... it set makes sense....why double the infrastructure!!! Well I know there was a 'turning head' at Carlton Square...There must have been a 'passing point' on Main Street West ie up the hill. Can someone advise where take location was? If there was a single line, then what was the interval between buses travelling in the same direction?? Anthony
  8. Anthony here.... My last hour with Vi on Saturday was looking through her photo album and postcard album....I think I have struck the mother load!! The albums were given to Vi by her mother, (b.1888, d.1975)... now that literally was a 'turning back the pages of time'. I'll skip Vi's family photo's for the time being....just wanted to tell you about the postcards. I would say that there are about 200no. I took a couple of photos of one's that might interest our bus and tram enthusiast's... Vi said that the postcard shows the No8 tram, which she s
  9. Anthony here.... Rob.L Thanks for the info - yep, my fault for straying off topic.....I'm gonna let John and Ray cycle into the distance!! Anthony
  10. Anthony here.... My latest visit to Vi was on Saturday......what an amazing afternoon spent with an amazing lady!! I promise to not ramble, and will try to keep this as short as possible. My 3-hour visit started by my reading all the comments posted by me to you, and your subsequent replies. Similarly for the GVPS comments. That took 90-mins!!!! So be careful what you say - you don't want to upset a 90-year old!!! The next 30-mins with Vi was spent with her looking at the "Turning back the Pages in .....Old Carlton", and me providing commentary t
  11. Anthony here.... Here's me 'rambling on' about such and such.... and you drop that bomb!!!! You had that on the back burner, waiting for the right time.... Anthony
  12. Anthony here..... Lizzie I am blown away....literally!!!!!! Hey, mayby I should interview you tooooooo for your recollections!!! You kept that one quiet..... well at least from me. Anthony
  13. Anthony here.... Just got back from shopping..... never fear... I wont starve!! Jill If your referring to Benjamin1945 as being a lonely soul, devoid of female companionship....then yes I have been a able apprentice!! Yep, unlucky in love.....Is there a Dear Deardrie page on the site?? And, thanks for the positive message. DavidW Thanks for confirmation of the VE Day party location - I will gently put Barbara right on Monday. Not sure if you take after your Mum - your photo is too small to see.... Anthony
  14. Anthony here.... Hi DavidW Yep I've got a way with the ladies of a certain age.... Funny that, I've always had bad luck with the younger ladies in my life... ho, hum!!! Thanks for the info regarding VE Day, and the Standhill Road Queens Jubillee link. Can't look at them to prize myself from the computer, and go shopping otherwise no din-dins tomorrow. Laters.....Anthony
  15. Anthony here.... Before Barbara left to go to and get her hair done, I asked her if I could share her memories.... she said yes. I said, "Get your 'think cap' on on Monday", as I will bring Yesterday's Nottingham Series - 'Carlton, Netherfield & Colwick On Old Picture Postcards' for her to look at. Finally, I asked Barbara if she has any old photo's, she said yes and would bring some in..... hopefully with her permission, I will be able to post some. I keep seeing the same photos on the internet of Carlton, so there might be some 'gems' in Barbara's albu
  16. Anthony here.... I had breakfast with Barbara yesterday.... she was waiting for me at the cafe. I got told off for being late (we didn't actually mention a time, just that she would be there earlier than the day before!!). I had planned to talk about shops on Main Street, however I put a copy of "Turning Back the Pages in... Old Carlton"in front of Barbara, and that became the focus of our conversation. Here are some snippets from Barbara's recollections, based on the photo's in the mentioned publication. Page 2 - photo of Carlton Fire Brigade c1890 - Barbara's gra
  17. Anthony here.... Hi Cliff Ton Great stuff - just what I need for a comparison. Thanks for to the 'heads-up' regarding GVPS..... as you can see, I'm having a great conversation (via my sister) with others. Similarly DW - thanks for posting names/addresses from the 1939 Register..... Not heard of this resource. Can you give me its full title? Finally.... for now. I have a number of Directories on CD, and am available for look-ups in the following for Notts: C. N Wright Directory 1854 F. White Directory 1864 C. N Wright Directory
  18. Anthony here.... Hi Cliff Ton Thanks for the PM (replied to), and your previous post..... This map is just what I wanted - with individual building clearly marked. Very much appreciated. Can you please provide the date of said map. It looks circa 1940-50??? I did read a previous post (i can't find it now), as to when the Main Street became Burton Road (to the east) and Carlton Hill (to the west). Just for my delectation can you please advise you best guess for the change of road names? To all Finally, (for this post). I have also read a
  19. Anthony here.... David W, thanks for looking at the register, and the new names. I feel like I'm getting to know John and his family now. I asked my sister to post a message on the GVPS Facebook page (I don't do Facebook!!) regarding 620 Main Street Carlton. Here are two responses from Kate Turner who resides in New Zealand: "My grandad, John Aslin, had a butcher's shop near Towle's cycle shop, i think. I'm 81 now and remember sitting in the little sitting room behind the shop when Dad took me to visit. I wonder if your neighbour remembers my grandad? My aunty Nell
  20. Anthony here.... Lets see if I have learned anything since the last photo upload. Here goes.... John Aslin.
  21. Anthony here.... Rob L - Thanks for the extra names. I will mention Jack Aslin and his son, John, to both Vi and Barbara to see If they personally knew them. I've just had a another look in the book that Vi gave me to read. On page 23 there is a photo of John Aslin (senior) and the caption reads; "Mr Aslin, 1920's - John Aslin was a Carlton butcher with a tiny shop on Main Street. In this photograph he is feeding birds in an orchard believed to be at the top of Carlisle Road. When he died his daughter Nellie, who worked with him, ran the shop. The shop is n
  22. Anthony here.... AfferGorritt The Tivey name keeps cropping up in messages. Firstly from Cliff Ton, secondly a Tivey has just joined GVPS and thirdly from you. I last spoke to Vi on Monday and when I mentioned the name Tivey, she said that Mr & Mrs Tivey lived next door to her on Standhill Road. She only knew the parents as Mr & Mrs Tivey (as she was young), but was friends with their children, Harry & Ida. Ida had a son called Fred. Anthony
  23. Anthony here.... Hi TBI, thanks for the tip. I will revisit Old-Maps later this evening - got to respond to loads of messages on the Gedling Village Preservation Society Facebook page tonight. It's gone barmy today!!! Cliff Ton - thanks for the link. Funnily, Vi gave me some books on Monday to read, one of which, "Turning Back the Pages of Old Carlton" has good maps on the inside covers. The front inside has Carlton 1914, unfortunately the edge of the map stops short of Dr Parks Corner. Cliff Ton - do have this map in your collection? The rear inside c
  24. Anthony here.... Hi Fogrider Just went onto Old-Maps, chose...OS County Series, Nottinghamshire 1:10,560 (1920), added to cart... how much...£11. That's £11 to much. I was hoping to pay nowt!!!! Cliff Ton - HELP!! Anthony