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  1. Hi Brenda

    Just saw the link about Valentino 's on Alfreton Rd. We always used to visit. You catered for my 40th birthday on a very hot night in June 1984. You and Alex were always very kind to us and we loved your food. Went a few times to Redcliffe on Trent.   Good times !!! Where are you in Italy ?       Jeff & Ruth

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    2. nonnaB


      PS sorry it wasn't L 'Angolo which we opened in 1994, it must have been Puccini. 

    3. Jefffers


      I'm sure it was you. I remember Alex only worked at Valentinos.

      Our surname - Davis. You catered for us as a favour at Dovedale Road in West Bridgford. We had tables in the garden.Our 2 sons were only 10/11 at the time.


    4. Jefffers


      Thank you so much.

      Yes it was Conte's and my parents and brother were frequent customers. My father usually had Steak Diane or grilled diver sole. So pleased he remembers them. 

      Very best to you and Alex