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  1. Yes, back in Northumberland via Cardiff, Rugby and Wilmslow! Am trying to recall you-what was your name then?
  2. Yes I was in Form 2R, then 3G and 4P before moving to Northumberland. The “P” in 4P was for Prager; I didn’t know of her background. I was sad to hear that Ralph Richardson died in January-a really great teacher who generated such enthusiasm; it was partly down to him that I read History at University. Other staff I recall were Dai Roberts ( PE),Messrs Stamper, and Knowles (English),Lee ( Geog), Swaby and Drury (Maths), Lloyd and Miss Wyles ( French), and the “ Holy Trinity” Draycott, Bates and Miss Squires. Miss Hall (later Smith) was our First Form class teacher.
  3. I attended C le W 1961-65 when my Dad’s job took the family to Northumberland. Ralph Richardson was my superb History teacher who joined the school in 1961 and left in 1965 to take up a post in Redditch.