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  1. I hope you are all going to be well behaved today.
  2. I like to call myself strict but it’s for their own good
  3. @DJ360 How about you which schools? I bet the teachers were not to be messed with.
  4. I went to Jesse boot and Greenwood dale I love swimming
  5. @Beekay Stop moaning or I’ll put you on the naughty step
  6. @Beekay Just for calling me tinkerbell, you can now call me Miss Harrod haha
  7. @Beekay Ok , someone else said that . Thanks
  8. I know I’m the baby. Computer class
  9. I think from now on you should ask my permission to have a drink or use the loo , don’t want you wasting posting time
  10. Why? What is the big deal ?
  11. What I have been planning today is History and ICT. History we are doing World war 1 and 2 and for ICT we are doing spreadsheets
  12. Mega and awesome too. Another is philosophy
  13. Don’t even start on bottle flipping
  14. I don’t start stocking up until November
  15. Haha lol. I hate the word ‘slash’. A boy a few months back asked to leave my lesson with ‘Miss I need a slash’
  16. Hi Margi, It was the same when I was school only allowed a drink at playtime and lunch. I do try and limit how much they drink
  17. Which words do you despise? Sorry if there is already a thread like this.