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  1. Liz.I have just googled CRR 91 which I recall was one of Roy's double deckers which I went on in the early sixties when I was at ACHS.Previously it was owned by West Bridgford UDC and I think Roy also had CRR 93.Pictures appear on bus websites and actually mention Roy's Motors.
  2. Yes Dennis M I had one year at Bramcote Hills Grammar then started at ACHS in September 1959,see my post of November 17th for more details. I am hoping to post more memories in the near future. I remember the six houses being,spellings maybe not all correct,Aylward,Cheshire(the one I was in),Pandit,Makerenko,Roosevelt and Schweitzer. Sorry to hear the bad news about Trish.
  3. Hello, I'm glad more people are discovering this site. Dennis M above,was that Janet Britten?I seem to remember her from my time at ACHS from the first day in September 1959 to when I left in July 1965 after 2 years in the 6th form. In this post I will concentrate on the travel to and from Arnold as I mentioned that I lived in Bramcote and others have talked about the buses.Our bus was owned by Leslie Smith of Hyson Green and was previously operated by Maidstone and District.It was a double decker with an open platform and the usual "conductor" was an elderly chap called Arthur. Most days journeys went well but in the early 1960s Nottingham was notorious for pea souper fogs.On those days we left ACHS early and on one particular bad day there were so many abandoned vehicles on the Boulevards (the ring road) that progress was slow.I remember bailing out near Aspley Lane and walking home to Bramcote from there.No doubt others did likewise and remember there were no mobile phones so goodness knows what our parents thought!People were much hardier then! In later years we had Skill's single deckers,some of those were really nice coaches. A few people I remember from those buses are: Colin Humphries,Colin Wilkinson,Janet Redfern,Cynthia Tuxford,Wendy Sells,Wilf Heard,Trevor Elliott,John Tanner and Alan Seymour. While I'm thinking about the buses I recall Trent came from Hucknall etc.,Lamcote from Radcliffe etc.and I think Roy's also. I remember a class visit to the old Playhouse and we had one of Roy's old double deckers and it seemed to struggle up the steep hill from school to Mapperley top,but we made it! Anyway enough for now.More to come soon.
  4. Hello, I've only just discovered this site and have enjoyed reading the comments which bring back great memories from 60 years ago. I started at ACHS at the beginning,September 1959,after one year at BHGS.I was in Cheshire house with Mr.Jones as form master. I do remember most of the teachers mentioned but will try to avoid repeating what has already been said. Someone mentioned that pupils came from all over Notts.but I remember that it was down to parental choice as ACHS was deemed to be the best school in the county for those that passed the eleven plus.I lived in Bramcote and it was just a short walk to BHGS where I spent a year.I seem to recall that some pupils had two years at either Bramcote or Eastwood before moving to ACHS. Not sure if this is going to post so I'll be brief this time.More to follow perhaps. Ronnie Fox of March 25th 2017.I'm Jim Tubb and the others are Colin Humphries,John Tanner( a friend from junior school),Colin Wilkinson. Others mentioned elsewhere include Dave Beardall and especially Gall who seems to be the main man on this site. Cynthia Tuxford and Janet Redfern on the bus from Beeston,Chilwell,Stapleford,Bramcote where I got on on Derby Road. Will add more if this works! Regards to all,and good health.