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  1. Hi I am Malcolm Pritchard. Just turned 73 years old. As a child and teenager I used to live in central Nottingham. In the mid 60's I used to frequent the Dancing Slipper in West Bridgford with 3 or 4 friends. Loved to watch and listen to local bands on a Friday night, especially the Jaybirds. Also enjoyed the trad jazz on Saturday nights. We used to chat to a small group of local girls, who were all very nice. It was a wonderful period of my life. I would love to know what happened to those girls. One was Jan Crockford. Her surname will almost certainly be diff
  2. Hello Judi I used to attend the Dancing Slipper in the mid 60's. Friday nights to see local groups like the Jaybirds; and Saturday nights for jazz bands like Terry Lightfoot. There would be three or four of us. We used to be friendly with a group of 3 0r 4 nice local (West Bridgford) girls. One was Jan Crockford. Another was Judy (tall, slim girl). We used ti see them on Monday nights also at the YMCA in Nottingham. We were all around 17/18 at the time, and so will be in our early 70's now. I would love to make contact with any of these girls now to chat about old times, bu