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This is the view looking down Marshall Street, Sherwood taken in about 1962/63.

Not a very inspiring photo, but it does have a couple of points of slight interest. One is the old-style street light that can be made out on the left hand side near the parked Austin A40. I think the lights were electric rather than still gas at that time. There was another street light just behind where the photo was taken from - outside our shop (part of the blind over the window is visible on the right) on the corner of Hood Street.

Also, the cobbles in the guttering of the street can be made out, showing that when they put tarmac down over the cobbles they left it off the gutters at each side.

In the distance, at the end of the street, Sherwood Bus Depot can just be made out on the other side of Mansfield Road.

The block on the right, including our shop was demolished some years ago.

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