Heatwave radio (pirate station)

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I'm pretty sure I did a guest spot on there around 1990 !!

I used to do the door at "Chaplins" on Hurts Yard and the DJ there (DJ Ever ready) needed cover one night as he'd 'scored'

He was a really really nice bloke, going by the real name of Everton, and as a buddy would , I said i'd do the shift (3 till 6am) for him whilst he went and 'sowed some wild oats' He told me at the time that i may have actually been the first white DJ on there !! (And to prove the impact I made I was never asked back........LOL)

IMMSC It was broadcast from the Hyson green Flats by this time.

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I only listened to it in the 90s hence posting it here
I believe when I listened to it there jingle was "107.9 heatwave radio you are so fine" (according to that article it was likely 87.9 btw theres some recordings of heatwave on the bottom of that page))

I think I still have some tapes in the garage that I recorded heatwave radio on to :D they used to play some really good stuff if you were into reggae , dancehall , ragga etc I'd say it was easily the best radio station in nottingham for the youth of the 90s

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Heatwave radio was based mostly in the flats in Radford but they kept getting raided and the ariel taken down lmao I cant say who was the main man runing it lets just say he had dredlocks and was a big geezer with a large gang well known to those who have met him including me :) They had to move a few time because of the council seizing equipment.


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