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I think I've asked this before, without result, but I'll ask again. Does anyone remember Gordon Cley, otherwise 'Skip', who ran the Aspley Boys Club during the 50s and I think into the 60s? A man of infinite patience to whom I wish I'd been more polite. I often wonder what happened to him; he did an awful lot for us lads.

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Yes, I remember Gordon Clay (I think it was, not Cley) when I was in the ABC in the early 1950s. His office was above the headmaster's (Thomas Gunn). Last I heard of him was a few years ago, and he had reached a ripe old age - in his nineties, I think. A nice man and one you couldn't fall out with.

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Skip took th Abc  ORCHESTRA to Munich in  1958  My parents visited Matt Busby and MUFC

In hospital   Austin Scott conducting  the orchestra. 

went camping  Tintagel  with ABC  

I'm 75 today and  fond memories and inspiration to become a poor  musician

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Its nice to hear stories about Gordon Clay. He used to run the youth club at William Crane School in the early sixties. Played quite a few times for the cricket he also run. We as young lads didn't appreciate the time & effort he put in to give us a place to meet. From those beginnings the Aspley Boys Club on Melbourne Park was built, I'm not sure whether he was instrumental in that but wouldn't be at all surprised if he was.

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Gordon Clay alias ‘Skip’ was the Aspley Boys Club leader when I was at the club between 1970 and 1975. In that time the club moved from William Crane Assembly Hall to a purpose built club on the old City Transport Recreation Ground next to Melbourne Park. The club was open to the members on Mondays, Wednesday and Fridays and ran a disco on Thursday nights. Skip ran the club superbly well and his cry of ‘subs’ was a constant. I lived opposite the entrance to Melbourne Park and used to see him coming and going day after day, week after week in any weather. A totally committed and thoroughly decent man whom I only fully appreciated long after moving on from youth club life. The club ran all sorts of teams and you’d very often find him supporting one of the clubs football teams at Bells Lane footy ground. They ran U14, U16 and U18. I wish I could see Skip again and thank him for helping to form me into the person I am today. He taught how to shake a hand firmly, he taught me manners and provide a very well run club to hundreds of council estate kids. God bless you Skip

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