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  1. The Coop was a Mutual Organisation that is it was owned by its members/shareholders. Somehow it turned into a PLC without members approval and without reimbursement of the £1 cost of share. I rang the Coop to query this and I was told that I could register as a cardholder to receive my 'divi' They did offer to reimburse my £1 if I applied in writing. What a swindle.
  2. davidh2308

    Jacqueline Ann Hodgson

    My wife Karyn Maxfield (as was) and her friend Pauline Gabrial (as was) are looking for an old school friend Jacqueline Ann Hodgson born 1949 who lived at 198 Raymead Drive Bestwood Estate and who went to Guilford Bilateral School. Can anyone help?
  3. I was there from 1955 to 1959. I was a skinny 4 eyed geek and yes my name is David Harrison
  4. Another memory of the Textile School.....well almost......Sometime in the 1990s I had a project at an Elderly Persons Home off Woodborough Road. As part of that project I had to give a presentation the the Management Committee on the scope of the work. I had been warned that one member of the Committee was an extremely 'picky' elderly resident and to treat her with care if I wanted a quiet life. As I entered the Committee Room I saw the lady in question who pointed a bony finger at me and said 'I remember you young Harrison'.....it was Miss Norris herself, still a very formidable lady. The job went well and I was saddened to learn of her death soon afterwards. She must have been in her 90s but what a memory!
  5. Following on from my previous posting on the Textile School, I remembered that of all the Teachers the two who were the most difficult to please were Miss Wenn..who seemed to hate all students of the male gender and Mr Rippon who once told me that I would be lucky to get a job as a dustbinman. On the final day before leaving Mr Rippon instructed us to rub down the rust spots on his old car and make good the paintwork using paint that was in his boot. Being good pupils we did as we were told except that when we opened the boot we found a can of black paint and a can of white paint (the car was black). We used the white paint....revenge was sweet! We went home before he left so never saw his face. Miss Wenn had a 3-wheel 'bubble car'. On that last day the boys lifted it manually and deposited it in the 'bottom playground'' and then left for home. I often wonder how she retrieved it. I hope that the above is covered by the Statute of Limitations and that I won't now get arrested for these misdemeanours.
  6. Hi my name is David Harrison (nickname-'Harry') and I was at the Textile School from 1955 to 1957. I left with 6 Olevels and went to work at Boots Architect Department as a Junior Architectural Assistant. I became a Building Surveyor at Boots obtained ONC and HNC Building and later in life graduated as a Master of Science, a Chartered Builder, a Chartered Health and Safety Practitioner and a Fire Engineer. I am now retired. I loved the Textile School and am forever grateful for the opportunities it afforded me, thanks particularly to Jack Stamper I remember 'Peanuts', along with Guy Gisbourne, Joan Clark, Jean Plowright who sadly died at such a young age.
  7. davidh2308

    Crown Yard Lenton

    Thanks for the information, its much appreciated
  8. davidh2308

    Crown Yard Lenton

    Can anyone help find my Grandfathers birthplace. Crown Yard Lenton. It apparently had a school within the yard and a canal wharf and was off Ilkeston Road just before Crown island