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Trent Lane Depot cost £91,000 and 5 years to build, starting in 1928.  It was the largest cargo facility on the Trent and, at the time, the biggest statement about Nottingham being a trading City.  There were 2 enormous warehouses built by the side of the wharves. These wharves were big enough for 14 barges to load and around 20 to unload. Following storage in the warehouses the goods were transported by lorries or trains.  Trade at the Depot slowly declined from the 1960s and the site was closed in the early 1980s, although there were regular deliveries of sand from Gunthorpe until 1996. 

In the past year the area has been developed for housing and yesterday we went to an open day and were quite impressed with the properties that have already been built, most have been sold in the first phase and many are already occupied. The downside (at present) is the grotty approach down Trent Lane from Daleside Road, but I think the whole area will be smartened up in the next few years. 

From a penthouse, with a good pair of binoculars, you could watch a Forest game, Notts game, Nottingham Rugby and cricket at Trent Bridge.


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