Stuff Just Gets Better!!

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Bought a pair of Bower's and Wilkin's ( B&W) PX7  'Bluetooth' Headphones a couple of weeks ago.  £349


They do 'noise cancelling' and so on.. can also be used 'wired',.. will interrupt listening if their app detects an incoming call on my phone.. etc..  I love all that.. but mostly they sound way better than my previous 'phones.

I'm currently listening to Anna Moura.. a Portuguese Fado singer.. from an album I bought in 2006.. now resident on my  ( Portuguese built) Innuos Zen Mini Mk 3 Music server and controlled via my Samsung tablet.


I am really 'diggin on' all this tech. when it's done right....

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Stuff just gets better... dectects an incoming call?

For over five decades my cast iron excuse is 'i had my headphones on ' ;).

You can only have so many baths in a day!

Agreed, useful tech if you like your listening interrupted...but keep it to yourself...;)

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