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A slur against a great city, home of freedom fighter and public benefactor Robin Hood, also of Saint Brian de Clough et al (Al know him well, lives in Nuthall) on local news site, linking Nottingham with doorstep crime


Not on!


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About 20 years ago a young man knocked on our door, attempting to sell cheap horrible tat.  He showed his ID, I stood there studying it and the address of the company he was ‘working for’ was Rolleston Drive, Arnold.  I told him that I knew it well and used to live along the road from there ..... he looked very sheepish.  The thing was, this was when we lived down a 100 yard long drive, off a country lane in Hertfordshire, about 100 miles away from Arnold.  The house couldn’t be seen from the lane.   I probably bought a pair of oven gloves or something,  as I always worry that they’ll come back and do dastardly things if I don’t fork out.  We had a scary-looking Rhodesian Ridgeback in those days, there were odd times when I was glad of her presence.  

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I very recently had a window cleaner quoting a 'business' address in the small village about 40 miles away I had left a year or 3 ago and where my family and friends all still lived.Bit odd that I had never heard of him or his lady i thought. Never mind he did the windows nicely and I paid him cash.No-one seems to learn that the world is indeed a small place these days.


And the  6 degrees of separation thing often happens to me as well.

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