Fanny Hambleton nee Smithurst

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No relation but can see their marriage and them later living Yorkshire in 1901 and 1911 . 


See he was from St.Omer .

Maybe she went with her parents working in the Calais lace industry and met him there ?

Can't see a birth for Fanny in Nottingham around 1846 (her given birthdate) neither is she obvious on any earlier Census.


There is a report of Oscar Cadet being beaten up by three thugs in Denman Street in 1884 . The thugs yelled "There's the Frenchman" and one gave him a kick in the face that broke Oscar's jaw .

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I'm not related, but if the problem is not being able to find  her birth or entries in the census 1851 onwards, do you have the marriage cert  to Oscar, which should give her father's name, unless illegitimate

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Re-reading the post heading noticed the Smithurst name . This one may be her , mothers maiden name Marshall.


GRO Reference: 1845  S Quarter in NOTTINGHAM  Volume 15  Page 564


In the 1851 Census she is living with her uncle Josh Lokes at St.Mary Street .

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Fanny's (Frances) father was Joseph Smithurst.  She was a widow when she married Oscar with the surname Hambleton.  They married on 19/1/1884.  David - I've been told about that attack on him before, it's very sad.

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I have a feeling you probably know this but may be useful for other researchers in the future . This is the Bishops Transcripts marriage details for Joseph Smithurst to Fanny Marshall in 1840 . Note the witness name "Lokes" that matches the family that Frances is living with in 1851 


 First name(s)    Joseph
Last name    Smithhurst
Sex    Male
Age    20
Birth year    1820
Denomination    Anglican
Residence    Tyler Street
Occupation    Stocking Maker
Marital status    bachelor
Marriage year    1840
Marriage date    20 Apr 1840
Spouse's first name    Fanny
Spouse's last name    Marshall
Spouse's age    20
Spouse's birth year    1820
Spouse's residence    Tyler Street
Spouse's occupation    Lace Dresser
Spouse's marital status    spinster
Church    St Paul
Place    Nottingham
County    Nottinghamshire
Country    England
Father's name    Geo Smithhurst
Father's occupation    Stocking Malster
Spouse's father's name    Geo Marshall
Spouse's father's occupation    Tobaconist
First witness    Joshua Lokes


The following year in the 1841 Census Joseph and Fanny are still living with his father George on Tyler Street . There is a daughter called Sarah born c1841

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Thanks David.  I've only just seen this message from Tuesday 9th Feb.  I didn't know any of it as I've only recently started on this side of the family.  Many thanks

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