Beech Avenue Scouts group

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In the early 60s I was taken to a scouts group on Beech Avenue by a friend called John Sanday who lived near me on Russell Road. His dad was a Police Inspector.

John attended Claremont school which was nearby. He later entered the VIth form at Forest Fields Grammar and then joined the Nottingham Fire Service.

I only attended the scout group a few times but my clearest memory of the venue was a suspended wooden building outside ( painted black I think) under which were masses of bottles nearly all which had contained alcoholic drinks. There was a strong smell of alcohol and many of the bottles were broken. We used to mess around under there before the scout meeting began. I think the building must have been a club bar of sorts and the empties were just thrown underneath. It really is a wonder none of the young lads sustained any bad cuts messing around amongst these old empty bottles. I wonder if anyone on here belonged to the group and remembers the bottles I'm referring to.

Talking of broken bottles, who remembers how they used to be set in cement on the top of walls as a security measure? I bet many lads sustained bad cuts back in the day trying to climb over these walls. Thank goodness it's rarely seen these days.


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