Trivia - Hero's Of Our Youth?

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I ran the last reply through BABELFISH as I don't speak french

This is what I got?...

QUOTE (Black ice Picasso @ Feb 9 2005, 12:10 PM)

I do not have a club, but one would be nice. so lets cuts one then.


not not beep!

you do not need a club which they are the dangerous articles, you can?e bless?!

the ilko..

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:ph34r: Ok my Babelfish french is not what it use to be..... :ph34r:

B) I meant to say...I do not have a clue, but one would be nice. :ph34r:

:) Does Ayagorawiya know....? Sounds if he might...

B) Do these four have anything to do with the Mafia... ..:rolleyes:

B) dès que vous pourrez, merci. B)


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  • 2 weeks later...

Nope the only thing they have in common is that they are all dead.!

in your pic, is the second bod from the Right 'On the square' by any chance?

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;) To be honest Mick i'm struggling...but their faces are familiar...i'm pulling my hair out wth this one [ what i have left ] but i haven't given up yet.. how about another little clue MATE.... :angry:

:D Are these them when young.......


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You will indeed pull out your hair, when you know.

Consistently you have scored top marks in all the music questions.

And this easy poser you are struggling? :huh:

All of these boys now keep this lady company,

But only one has a common interest.


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:D A second magnitude star that belongs to both the constellation of Andromeda and the Square of Pegasus. :D

:P Designation: Alpha Andromedae

Names: Alpheratz


Magnitude: 2.08

Distance: 94.7 Light Years

Spectral Type: A0

Description: Multiple star system :blink:

:) Are these them after getting too near that STAR :rolleyes:


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Purruz aht of ahr misery Mick :(

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