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Help! Being a little dim in the computer department I ask any of you what may appear a very simple question, but I can't find the answer.

I have an apple 16 gb i pod with 850 songs in the memory at present. I want to add additional songs, if I copy my CDs to my computer then download them to my i pod will i loose my original 850 songs? Hope not, lots of Rock and Roll on there!!!!

Any help appreciated.


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With an IPod you transfer songs using ITunes Software.

You can add more tunes to the original list.

Are there more than 850 Rock & Roll tunes?

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Thanks for that Mick - and yes there are lots more than 850 rock and rol songs - cheeky bu99er!


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any songs that you add to i tunes on your computer stay there, but when you connect your ipod it will automatically load them onto your ipod, but you can tell it to only upload certain songs i dont know how to select this. i have had an ipod for about 5 years and sometimes in itunes it says that it cant find a certain track but when i go to play it it is there, this is my only gripe with itunes

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Ipods are overated.

I have a Sony Walkman, not that I have used it recently. Lost the USB lead.

Just ordered one from Ebay

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