Perhaps the cowd wethers bringin em out!

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The posts in the forum for 'last 24 hours' have gone up from single figures to 30?

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'Bickering' is clearly popular Mick, despite what people say.

Incidentally, how cowd was it in Sawley today, it was appalling down here, I was volunteered to go and get some diesel for Lizzie first thing this morning and her car was totally frozen, because of the terrible rain we had yesterday, everything, wipers, windows, auto mirrors et al were stuck fast, scraping did nothing, I had to let the engine run for 20 minutes with the blowers full on before it was safe to drive. Even then, arriving at Sainsbury's, the forecourt was so icy that it was hard to stand up.

Blooming rain forecast again now, I can see the clouds building up, the river has burst it's banks but at least I'm well above the level, isn't Sawley virtually a flood plain according to the Environmental Agencies site, my neice has sold her house there and is moving out, those flood maps obviously have no clout in house sales.

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Obviously so Pete and its fun too.

There’s a lot of work being done by the environmental agency right at this moment to safe guard my Bungalow from getting wet by a tidal wave caused by a riverbank collapse on the Derwent river.

The last time the Derwent burst its banks was last year, the whole of the farmer’s field about me were under water, I couldn’t even take Diezel out to his usual sniff and smell spot.

The Bungalow I’m in is built above the last know high tide, there’s at least a four foot gap between ground level and the floor boards, which makes for easy access if central heating pipes burst….


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