The greatest person to hail from Nottingham

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Nottingham City Council is asking citizens who they think should be regarded as the greatest person to hail from, or be associated with Nottingham.

From literary greats and sporting heroes to industry giants and leading lights in architecture, people can vote for their favourite personality from a shortlist of 25 notable people. If anyone's favourite personality is missing they can suggest their own.


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I've just tried to add Jimmy Sirrel to the list .

He's as much right to be there as some of the names on the list (IMHO) but I'm not holding my breath ...LOL

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never knew mansfield was in nottingham till now, you'd think the council would have better things to do these days?

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Missing from the list, but born in Notts, how about:-

Leslie Crowther

Neville King

Sir Kenneth Clarke

Ed Balls

John Bird

Richard Beckinsale

Su Pollard

Sherrie Hewson

Thomas Sandby

Dudley Watkins

Albert Ball

Stella Rimmington

Ian Paice

Robert Harris


Dave Needham

Peter Taylor

Andy Cole

David Pleat!!!!!!

Tom Blower

Stuart Broad

Dennis McCarthy

Harold Shipman!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thomas Cranmer

Richard Parkes Bonnington

Erasmus Darwin ( grandfather of Charles)

Loads of other people I don't recognise, or want to, then we have the real contributers to the list, the war hero's, my dad, uncles, eric, alec, harold, dads cousin Noel who nursed back a damaged Lancaster and won the DFC, there's some odd people on there which makes me wonder who compiled it, you know what I mean.

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