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  1. Ay up all,been away for ages now(no pc!),but now im back on and finally remembering what the site was called(div) i thought i'd come and say hi all.
  2. Beans beans there good for your heart,the more yer eat the more yer fart,the more yer fart the better you feel,so lets av beans for every meal.
  3. Can you move mine to here or should i type it again.
  4. Im sure some more will come to me that i can add down,Funny cause i havent thought of that rhyme for just came to me !
  5. Will put a pic up tomorra,gonna sort out camera,tried using mobile but pic looks blurred.
  6. mi dad used to sing this when i was a kid lol: Ode movver riley ad a fat cow,she dint know our to milk it she dint know our,She pulled its tail instead of its tit and old movver riley got covered in sh1t!.
  7. Hi all,Just wondering if any of you went to player comp?,I left about a year before it closed.Got me thinking because ive just found the old player jubilee medal we all got before the school closed down,wondering if any of you still have yours?
  8. Depends what yer selling on ebay mate!,i went round mi family and collected all their scrap gold like broken necklaces,odd earrings and broken rings,went and bought some scales from argos(then took um back) weighed it in there was about 50 grams and i caned 180 quid,not bad to say it was all shite and none of it was wearable. GET RAIDING THEM JEWELLERY BOXES! LOL.
  9. Another one mi movver used to say"shift yer rammel before yer dad frows a dickyfit,its like a bombsitit,bleddy bedlam." and mi dads favourite gerrout and gerra job!.
  10. Hi Val,used to spend all my time playing over in Broxtowe woods(tip) when i lived in strelley,great times!
  11. I used to knock abouht down bells lane wi mi mates when i was a kid,nowt to do just ung arround the streets down there! Cranes gone now,theyve just built a new primary school there,quite smart an'all mi son goes there.I went to Player comp for a few years then william sharp.
  12. Mi mam and dad used to say"awnorragen yo lowsie wi chazgiz",meaning ive got a head full of nits,or "i'l put kekkle on yo can mash"(make tea).Medicine was called jollop,a sandwich to a toddler was called but-but,boboos for horses and dick-dicks for birds,and if you was a bit daft yo were called batchie.
  13. Just found yer forum and i think its great! Was looking through the lingo bit and theres loads on there i say mi sen,might add a few more though!.I was born in broxtowe (or should i say Broxta lol) spent about 9 years there then moved to Strelley,i was there till i was about 17,then lived in Aspley for a couple of years,Met mi bloke got pregnant and lived in this crappy homeless place on wells road,A year in the Medders then back to Aspley were weve lived for the last 11 years,Im gonna shurrup now for a bit before i bore you all to death! lol.