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  1. Apparently, my uncle tells me that p.e. was done at the ymca. My dad wet to Switzerland with the school. Don't know what year????
  2. Was this women 'sally' quite petite and was she always doing chalkings on the floor outside marks and spencers in the 80's? Or am I thinking of someone else?
  3. Does anyone ever go to this church? I went when I was 6 and wonder what happlened to the Vicarage across the road, yet another neglected derelict property. The church was always dark and spooky. At this time I lived o St Chads Road opposite the King Edwards Park and attended Sneinton Church of England school until I was 8 and moved to 'posher' Carlton. I do have fond memories of that area but it is all so run down now. We had lots of small shops that are now no longer with no community spirit this I beleive is detriment to these aresas. !!!! aNYONE WITH ANY INPUT???
  4. I think that huntigdon street school is where the concrete St Anns housig is now, which is at the top end of the road opposite a old folks home??? My uncle said that boys from St Barnardos went there and I believe that there home was near Elm avenue. This was a really rough , harsh school with very victorian discipline with only male teachers....
  5. I woder who owns it now. I dragged my husband about 7 years ago round the back of it... It did say keep out and I saw a large caravan near it with a alsation dog, not sure whether they had set up residency or they were the security... It is such a shame that it became the way it is as it was alovely old house despite the fire which had happened in the bar area. Not sure whether the estate agent at the time thought that the fire had been started deliberately.. But s I think like all derelect properties somebody must own it???? For all those talking about the Durham ox that I believe is furthe
  6. Were all the houses in about 1920 large 3 storys? Just wondering how in 1900 my great granfather went from a 2 up 2 down house on Orange Street in the meadows to a much larger house in Colwick road [if they were 3 storys]
  7. My father and his brother attended this fine institute and say that that railing around it was to keep all the boys in.....
  8. Any one ever went to the Garage in the Lace market. I remember havin grto bang on the door to get in. It was like a warren of rooms in there... Strictly alternative though in late 80s
  9. Does anyone know what happened to the above place About 16 years ago we went to view this property as it was up for sale but it had had fire in part of it. It had a small church in its grounds. A few years ago I went by [a petrol station is right near it now] and it is derelict and looking a proper state. It was a beautiful building in its time ad I believe the estate agent who showed us round all those years ago sain that it was a country home originally for some important family.... I woder who owns it now? You also had to go round the back road to get to it.
  10. Just another quick one on radcliffe on trent. With my grandfather keeping pigs , in those days you could feed them on pigs swill, so on a sat. morning he would go round cafes, hospitols etc to collect the waste food and then as he was a football fan he would park the lorry up with the lovely aroma of rooting food, yes you've guessed it in the lovely area of west bridgford. Did he love that!!!!! My grandmother at oe time worked up at the asylum in Saxendale.,which incidently not everyone was mad.. She brought home an inmate called Violet whose only 'madess' was having a withered arm. She lived
  11. Do you kow what type of houses were in Orange street in 1900 as my grandfather was one of 8...lso I did know Skills the coach company but didn't realise that they had other concerns!!!!
  12. It was a while since I went but I think it was closer to the end of road. There is a gap of numbers between 150s and 160s but no room for houses in between so I wonder if the house numbers have changed at some time?
  13. Just been on the phoe to my uncleand the small holding was on the bingham road. He and my dad used to knock about with the Lamberts kids. He also remembers from the other side of the village 2 boys called Pete and John Marsden. Anyone know these folk?
  14. Been on the phone to my uncle and he said that the wet fish shop they had wasright near to Garfield road [there garage with loft is on that road] This was in late 40s early 50s. They oly did game at xmas time....
  15. My father lived in this villagesometime between 1950 ad 1955? The family had a small holding somewhere nearer to Saxendale asylum. The buildig was a one level property with I believe a tin roof. It was i about 3 acres. My grandad kept pigs, rabbits and chickens. He also allowed caravaners on there. My gran became ill and the small holding became too much so they decided to sell up. My gradad tried to sell as building land [more money] but was turned down. The person who bought it kept it a year and then managed to sell it as building land. This must 've been late 50s/early 60s. Not sure wher
  16. I am confused I am only 40 ad have never lived round there. When my uncle came up we went to look at the shop that was. It is now derelect. I don't know where the radford baths were. When we went to see the shop up the road from it was newer buildings so I think that that end must've been pulled down. I went across the road to ask the butchers shop [can't remember its name] and they had been there donkeys years d they recalled my grandads shop. My uncle only remembered living there a few years he thinksthey had the shop until he was maybe 6 or 7 then they moved to radcliffe on trent [must have
  17. When was Orange street pulled down? From what I have seen there is only a Orange gardens now. My granfather was born there ad the family lived there until about 1918, they then moved to 160 Colwick Road which that number is now missing... My granfathers wet fish shop wasn't on ilkeston Road but definately o Denman street. The building is still there opposite a butchers shop. The shop looks proper run down last time I saw it. It was next door to the corner shop which is still there. Not sure if it was called Skills. Our name was Spurr. Have posted this before but as you have replied to the
  18. Do you know when Orange street in the meadows was pulled down? My grandfather born there in 1900
  19. Used to live on floor 4, loved it although it was called fairy towers then....
  20. Yes the flats did get a make over ad also a security entrant to stop all of those tramps that stayed in the corridoors. I know as I lived there late 80's
  22. Does anyone kow where Orange Street was ? I have found Orange gardens . My grandfather was born on Orange Street in 1900 and would be iterested to know what kind of house it was. I am assumig some type of terrace. His family moved to Colwick Road some time between 1905 to 1916.....
  23. I was actually born in 1967 but I am very iterested in the radford area as my great gran [died in the 50s] was a Emily Hughes who owned a few properties on Forster street where she had a funeral parlour. This was number 24 I believe and has since been demolished. I am also interested in a property that she also owned which was called Bramcote house on Bramcote street this was demolished I don't know when but there are few 1970s built houses in that part now. Does anyone know anything about this or my great gran? Her son] in law [my granfather born in 1900 lived on Orange street, meadows] had