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  1. Terry Sadler

    Richard Baker

    Richard Baker, BBC newsreader. Death announced today aged 93. A well known personality. RIP
  2. Terry Sadler

    Babs Beverley

    Babs Beverley of the Beverley sisters died aged 91. RIP
  3. Terry Sadler

    Fenella fielding

    Another CARRY ON actress gone. RIP Fenella. Also Peter Benson, the long suffering Bernie Scripps from Heartbeat died 6th September. Rest well Bernie.
  4. Terry Sadler

    Liz Fraser

    Carry on star Liz Fraser died yesterday ( 6th September ) aged 88. RIP Liz
  5. Terry Sadler

    Burt Reynolds

    Death announced today of actor Burt Reynolds aged 82. RIP
  6. Terry Sadler

    Raven Terrace enquiry

    I believe that Napoleon Square was behind the Colliers Arms pub at Cinderhill. There was an approach to Babbington pit along side of the houses.
  7. Terry Sadler

    Aretha Franklin

    Death announced today. Aged 76. RIP
  8. Terry Sadler

    Map of Bulwell

    Millers tes were on Latham Street not Leyland Street. Easy mistake to make.
  9. Terry Sadler

    Coal Mining in Notts

    The easiest way is to contact the union offices. They should have records tucked away in the archives. Have you any idea as to what their jobs were as this could help in your search ?
  10. Terry Sadler


    Depends upon how old you are. I remember it as Quarry Road (not Quarry Lane). My grandad always referred to it as Starr Lane. Commercial Road came about sometime later. Take your pick !
  11. Terry Sadler

    Bill Maynard

    Death announced today of Bill Maynard aged 89. So long Greengrass. RIP
  12. Terry Sadler

    Old Bulwell Photo's.

    I believe that the Lion Revived was previously known as the Robinsons Hill club.
  13. Terry Sadler

    Ken Dodd

    A true entertainer and a sad loss. RIP Ken.
  14. Terry Sadler

    Keith Chegwin

    Death announced today of Keith Chegwin (Cheggers of tv’s Swap Shop). 17/01/1967 to 11/12/2017 aged 60. R.I.P.
  15. Terry Sadler

    Christine Keeler

    And who can forget Mandy’s quote in the trial...” well he would say that wouldn’t he ?” Entered in the Oxford Dictionaty of Quotations in 1979. We’ll done girls!!