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    GUILTY AS CHARGED! I was on from 81 through to 88, and i was one of the TURKEYS that iron cross and friends tried to get. but i was young and stupid then. now i'm just old and dumb! i was always mobile running a 6foot avanti moonraker and a concorde 2. and yes i remember the gemini lady....BUT SHE WAS NEVER A LADY!...LMAO whatever happened to karen? last seen in top valley
  2. Sorry ppl, my brother got the owners name wrong, the guy that owns the chauffeur company is Ralph
  3. hi all, thepub you all know as the New Welbeck, became FITZROYS in 1984, about 2 years later i believe it became GERSHWINS hence the piano key stairs. hope that helped! used to drink in the welbeck in the upstairs (street level)bar at lunch when i was on training course at the john lewis shop (JESSOPS)
  4. hi all, my brother worked for a chauffeur company based in bulwell that had the contract for central tv. he did a lot of work on boon as the unit car, he probably wont be able to help as he is rather unwell and can hardly speak, but there is a chauffeur company of the same name now based in kimberley. if its the same firm the owner is a guy called mike. he may be able to help you Fairfax Chauffeur Cars 40 High Street Kimberley Nottingham NG162LS Telephone:01159785848 hope this may help
  5. hi all, am new too the site, i used to work at the savoy in the mid eighties, saw mr silvers about 2 years ago. retired now and sold the cinema to the guy that runs the scala at ilkeston. but was looking well. which daughter was it? if i remember rightly there were 4 of them and his son