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  1. I used to travel down Cloister quite a lot as a young lad of 8yrs .I knew the area very well .Although there as been many photo of the church that stood the corner I dont remember ever seeing one of the street would TED have any connections to this area I,m not sure but I think he himself was a Old Lenton Lad
  2. Dennis Merrin I recall you very well you would also know the following Tony Aram Kenny King and Fred Chantrey
  3. dennis merrin contact
  4. I started Trent Bridge Senior Boys in 1951 after leaving Queens Walk I left Trent Bridge in 1954 to begin work .My teach was Graham Hind our class was at Holgate Road alamo1940
  5. Sneinton as certainly gone down hill I wed a local girl in 1960 and we lived within the area for a few years All my children went to Greenwood ..WE lived on Sneinton Blvd,St, Stephens Ave,The Hollows,Colwick Rd,and finally Lyndhurst Rd ...Alamo
  6. I came across this site by just surfing ,and it looks ok to me ...I am seeking former pupils that attended Trent Bridge Senior Boys School ,here in Nottingham I,ve tried Friends united but no joy Alamo