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  1. ,Three cheers to Lonny Donegan, for My old man,s a I to late ? no jump upon the cart.... Dennis..
  2. Hello Mazarron2119, I,m an old meadows lad, can you put me in the picture were Bell terrace was? Did you go to T.B.School, if so what year? Dennis..
  3. Arkwright st Co-Op, just around the corner from Kirkby st, on a Saturday morning with my mam, divi number 66333 . She took me with her to carry the bag,s. Great days..
  4. Volly/ is that you in there Allen ? not the one and only. Its been a long time , are you still working ? or are you one of us retired gentlemen type, give us a shout!
  5. Andy I was going to mention that , there is only one set of blokes got my photo , and they are all dressed in blue, ha ha
  6. SCRIV / If I can help you with any name of any Haulage Contractor in and around Nottingham from 1945 - -to the present day I have compiled a list of 70 names of contractors in road transport, some still with us, and a lot, sadly have finished. Dennis.
  7. HI CATZ / Nice of you to answer, I am now living in Swinton , Manchester, but still miss Nottingham, I will be 75 in March and I look back on my life , and were iv,e been , but I would not change it for anything. I have met some great people and have great memory s, but I would not go back on the road with all the red tape involved in it, I had 43 years in the transport ind, and retired in 2003,
  8. Catz / you say you were at Marshalls in 1979- onwards , can you recall :- John Taylor, John Tinker, Dennis Wright, Jim Alvey, Fred Preistman, and many more , I worked for Marshalls twice in my life time , as Driver & in the Garage under Transport Repairs as charge hand mechanic, also work up Balloon woods under Keech,s in their Garage. Best job I ever had , Dennis Merrin.
  9. Michael Booth, I think you find me right when I say Stirland & Dakin were once as furniture removers in their early days, they had a furniture warehouse & depositary at the top of Talbot st near canning circus, in their very early days. when their partnership collapsed, Jack Stirling, for a short time , joined force with A.R.Marshall, and the company went under the flag of M&S Transport once again they split and they went under their own way. after some years , J Stirland was bought out by Transport Development Group. and Marshalls
  10. Frank, The names you are after, would that be Malc Pridggin & Sid Freestone, before Sid came to Marshall,s he ran the pub called the Appolo, next door to Marshall,s on Hucknall Lane I don't think it is there now , I believe it has been demolished. I knew them some years ago as I used to drive for Marshall,s , and also I was a charge hand in the garage. (Transport Repairs)..,
  11. steel cowboy, I worked with Bill (jock) Kelly some years ago, when we both Drove for F.V.S (Freeman Volkers & Stuart) from Stockton on Tees. He did the night Trunk from Nottm- to - Stockton and back, I was on regular days running West Midlands & London. He was a bit of a lad, But a great bloke to get on with. There were three artic,s and six drivers based in Nottm at the time , the day men parked the trucks to were they lived,
  12. denshaw/ K&M had their yard on Piccadilly off Highbury vale, then moved to Hucknall, at the start of the Hucknall bypass (Bulwell end) and then to Hucknall airadrome of Watnall road, I Drove for them for a while in the 80,s on their artic semi flats.
  13. MOON LANDING,? all filmed in a Hollywood studio, behind closed doors. believe what you like...
  14. Dennis


  15. DaveN., thanks a lot, that will please the better half, Dennis