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  1. The nephew is Fred. He used the outbuildings after Uncle Ernest retired from farming and now owns the property.
  2. I was one of the Thurgarton clan; the last one to actually own property in the village. Technicality really as my sis and I inherited our parents' house which was opposite the Red Lion and we sold it on. I have relatives in Bleasby and Fiskerton but only the latter has the surname. I think you mentioned in a previous conversation some years ago that you knew Fred. Priory Lane, at the top of the hill, was entirely populated by my family in the early 1960's. We originally hailed from Suffolk in the mid 19th century, where my ancestors were farm labourers. At a guess, the advent of th
  3. Visited Newark last Thursday; well, parked overnight at the lorry park. It being a dry evening, I decided to have a walk round for old time's sake. First port of call was the King's Arms. about 30 years ago when I last lived at Thurgarton, this was the go-to pub if you liked real ale; always a good selection. I was very disappointed to find that it's gone back to being a fairly ordinary boozer; friendly enough but no cask beer available, though in fairness this was down to a fault with the Doom Bar cask which should have been on. I continued my walk; pleasantly surpris
  4. Evening all, been a while. Much as it pains me to say it, the best pork pie I've ever tasted in me life is Tesco's "Ultimate" one, which I'm pretty sure is a Dickens and Morris product. Chunks of proper pork, tasty jelly, and a nice spicy flavour. All for less than four quid.
  5. Thanks....I'd completely forgotten about the Melton route.
  6. Only just seen this Albert.... forgive me for saying but surely if the Compound's going to Lincoln and the Jubilee to London, one of them is facing the wrong way?
  7. For some reason I cannot imagine an advert like that being made these days. As for those buses; I remember when they first came out, incredibly noisy, gearchanges jerked standing passengers of their feet, and they rattled worse than the old Atlanteans after few months because they were so shoddily built.
  8. The trick is to put it on your back and walk along like a turtle, whilst bent double. Takes a bit of practice to get the balance right though; I learned that one at Randalls. You need someone to guide you too cos you can't see owt but yer feet! Can't imagine anyone letting you do that nowadays!
  9. My old man worked for Hoveringham Gravels; when they were building the M62 the lorries used to run ballast up there and backload coal for Staythorpe, so they had greedy boards fitted. If the drivers were too late back they couldn't tip at the power station so they'd park up in Hoveringham yard and go back in the morning. Dad got wind of this and decided a bit of free coal might be just the thing. One evening he "stayed on to finish a job" and once the coast was clear, bagged up some of the slack and took it home. No big lumps of course because it was blown in at the power station;
  10. Nice pic; and it certainly does belong here, thanks for sharing it. I though it was a Leyland at first but a closer look reveals it to be a Dodge 300; they shared the same LAD cab.
  11. I knew Pete well, as you know he was a regular for Thurgarton Cricket Club. Great character and a tragic loss to the community.
  12. Kevin was a bit of a lad wasn't he? Mind you, the pay rates might have been rubbish but they were always better than Staffline, and Mayday always kept me in work. Used to do a lot for BRS, Carrington Street , Langley Mill and even Melton Mowbray; Randalls, Fords, Parceline, Clearway and a load of others.
  13. Castle Meadow Road. used to do a bit for them when I was with Mayday; bloke called Keith McEnallen was the manager.
  14. That, I think, is a Unipower Hannibal. More about them here;
  15. Update; the Hoveringham wrecker has been sold and is now back in Nottinghamshire, where it will be restored to its former glory.