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  1. notty ash

    Buses in Nottingham

    Looks a bit like that photo was deliberately posed for some reason - no passengers, conductor making sure he was in the photo etc etc
  2. notty ash

    Buses in Nottingham

    Newcastle is a metro, not a tram - more like the London Underground with no street running. Edinburgh has trams, but not Glasgow
  3. notty ash

    Bus depot - Victoria ?

    National Express moved to Broad Marsh - following its demolition they are now in temporary accommodation, see
  4. The OP seems very reluctant to make further contributions to the debate, which is a shame. I just can't see the image as Nottingham at all - or anywhere in Notts. Having frontages along the Trent or any other river in the locality is very rare. In most places the buildings usually backed onto rivers. Having frontages facing onto the river is more typical of the Severn, or The Fens
  5. notty ash


    Even more contrasting is how the place looked before the dam was built vs today. This is Derwent Village remains on Friday and a shot from near enough the same place before the reservoir was built Here's a closeup of Derwent Hall, with the river in the foreground.
  6. notty ash


    Out of sheer curiosity are there limits as to how far you can take a boat along the reservoir? I've never seen a boat the north side of the A57, for example.
  7. notty ash


    I thought sharing a bath was supposed to be fun I did my bit to increase the water level by visiting the toilets at the visitor centre.
  8. notty ash


    Don't worry Phil. The water looks much deeper at the Bamford end - and the Derwent and Howden reservoirs upstream have a fair amount of water in them too. The Ladybower only becomes a river at Derwent village itself. This is the view from the side of the main road near the Ladybower Inn and looking northwards from more or less the same spot It is only when you reach the ruins of Derwent village that the reservoir peters out - not far from the very end of the reservoir, near the Fairholmes visitor centre.
  9. notty ash


    Some bits were retained for use elsewhere. The bell from the church is now in St Philip's Church in Chaddesden. The packhorse bridge was re-erected stone by stone further up the valley at Slippery Stones. Bits of the hall were recycled too, including the oak panelling, gateposts and other fittings. One pair of gateposts was re-erected next to the Ladybower Dam.
  10. notty ash


    I went on Friday. Quite startling the difference when you compare with old pics on the Web! Now Then And a closeup of Derwent Hall from a similar angle This is a shot from slightly further downstream of the village. The hall was just to the left of the photo.
  11. notty ash

    The Last Nottingham Trolley Bus

    Safeway was taken over by Morrisons. They had to sell some stores to allow the merger to go ahead as the OFT had competition concerns about the deal. Some stores were sold to Sainsbury's - including the one on Nottingham Road Mansfield. Might that be an explanation?
  12. Clock time is artificial, so it is probably best to think of it as the middle of our day changing very slightly in Earth time as the days get longer or shorter It is all to do with the way the Earth tilts over the year, as well as revolving. The changes are very, very small in relation to a 24hr day. You get a similar effect around the longest day too.
  13. Sunsets start getting later after 13th Dec as you say, but sunrises continue to get later by a bigger margin until Dec 21st
  14. Exercise also delays dementure. Our brains are incredibly active during exercise, even though we don't really notice.