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  1. Whatever plan emerges, I think we need to see the whole area from the railway, north to the southern edge of the city centre as a long-term integrated planning area. Possibly even down to Queens Drive. There are several amenities outside Broad Marsh development itself that deserve to be integrated into any area plan. An obvious one is the canal, which most people hardly realise exists, but could be a wonderful linear park if opened up. Also, we need a view opening up from the south towards St Mary's Church. That would be spectacular.
  2. Only the Countryman version had a kind of hatchback - more like the traditional estate car than a modern hatchback opening. On the saloon, only the lower boot lid opened.
  3. I remember being able to claim a few hundred pounds a year for heating, electricity etc, originally recommended by my accountant.
  4. Sorry to hear of your problems. It must be very frustrating. I really enjoy long walks. I did 61,488 steps today on a walk and often do 20-30,000. My shortest regular walks are around 10,000. Maybe I should be dead already
  5. Sounds like a terrorist organisation Preceded by the Birmingham Front IIRC, based on a Birmingham Corporation specification.
  6. The last Albion Lowlander built , new in March 1967. Looks new in the photo. Lowlanders in England were badged as Leyland IIRC
  7. South Notts - one of the uglier ones! Courtesy of Toggenburg collection, copyright The Bus Archive
  8. One of its latest liveries - owned by Commbus who hire buses out for promotions
  9. I had the Oxford AstraZenica jab yesterday afternoon. I felt Ok 'til I went to bed, when I felt very hot and slightly ill. This morning I feel very rough and shaky, rather like I have just had a bad bout of the 'flu. I am also very thirsty, drinking more tea and coffee than normal. I am sure I shall be fine after a day or two. I read up on things a few days before. Sources suggest the second jab is worse than the second, as antibodies are already in your body. People who have had Covid feel the first jab worse, as it is equivalent to the second jab for everyone else. Ju
  10. This video gives an entertaining history of English coinage - a bit long, but well worth watching
  11. A friend pointed me to Makemson's livery on the Bulwell Bygones facebook page Had a ride on one of their half cabs on a colliery service from Hucknall to Bestwood when I was very young. correction from previous comments - the East Midland service was 12A and the Trent equivalent 63, not the other way around.
  12. I think the sticker in the front window may say 'on hire to City of Oxford Motor Services Ltd' which would explain the destination. Looks like a school run. It was the only photo I could find quickly in that livery.
  13. The no. 63 is the East Midlands service I remember into Nottingham. It ran jointly with Trent 12A. East Midlands used lowbridge double deckers on the 63. The service ran through Hucknall. I caught it sometimes on my way home from school. Other companies once serving the Nottingham area include Mackeson, Midland Red, United Counties, Lincolnshire... Before the consolidations of the 1930s and 1950s, there were probably many more.
  14. Its a bit like the old days when there were many more independent companies in and around Nottingham. Just some examples...
  15. Also the LNER station at 5:44 - can't be Victoria or Midland. Wonder if it might be outside Nottingham, e.g. Leicester Central?