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  1. A new video of Victoria and Loughboro Central
  2. Not unusual to have a bus company on board. NCT were involved as part of the team running the original franchise. This sounds interesting if you want to hear the thinking behind the castle revamp...
  3. Nottingham Castle was destroyed by the Roundheads after the Civil War, rebuilt as a mansion and burnt down by rioters, the good citizens of Nottingham. The one you see now was a comprehensive rebuild in the C19. Its principal claim to fame, I believe, is that it was the first purpose-built public art gallery and museum outside London. It is a significant work of T C Hine, the major architect of Victorian Nottingham. Therefore the building has considerable historic interest, but not as a castle.
  4. Here's some info on Notts & Derby liveries
  5. See 1927 entry here
  6. The information below these images suggests some were brown & Cream, others maroon & cream Maybe maroon was the later livery? Also this coloured postcard
  7. Boot lids that opened flat so you could carry more luggage. Dickey seats
  8. An album of photos here
  9. Here's a very rough overlay, later map in blue. Challenging, because a lot had changed and the accuracy of the earlier map may not be quite as good as the OS map. It suggests that the Ben Bowers building did extend slightly further up the road than previous buildings, maybe where the various gradients levelled out? Also possibly at a slightly diffferent angle to Derby Road. Not sure if this helps or hinders the issue?
  10. What we need is a map from the 1870s, or thereabouts!
  11. I wonder if the Ben Bowers building projected further into the Circus than what was there before. Comparing the 1874 photo with the position of Upper Talbot St on later maps, I suggest this is possible. UTS seems to come in at more of a right angle on the photo than in later times. Maybe the whole area was redeveloped to some degree, including the angle of Upper Talbot St?
  12. Looking at old OS maps, the block of buildings from the middle of the modern photo back to the rear of the white van seem to have been rebuilt sometime in the 1880s or 1890s. Previously all looked (in plan) like the 2 shops still existing just beyond the white van, which look very similar to those in the original image. Maybe when the other side of the road was remodelled, someone decided to build more impressive buildings?
  13. Found this on t'internet - Canning Circus.
  14. An old photo from the Broadmarsh car park
  15. West Bridgford UDC Bus at Trent Bridge - Fleet number 14 a 1937 AEC Regent 1 with a Park Royal body courtesy Dumfries Transport Group. LM&S Station on the destination blind, but the photo must be well after railway nationalisation. Late 1950s?