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  1. Looks like the corner of Addison St and Arboretum St. There was a chapel there shown on old maps. Now part of the High School grounds,-1.1552606,3a,75y,12.85h,101.82t/data=!3m6!1e1!3m4!1sHPNsDYDI6kmaei0gwtSgMQ!2e0!7i16384!8i8192
  2. I heard you can notify them of deceased relatives and they will update their records. The National Archives has several videos and information sheets available online giving details of verious ways of investigating your relatives, including the new 1921 census and the 1939 'census'
  3. There was a kind of census in 1939 so the government could issue ration books etc. It wasn't very detailed but info is available from it now, provided the person is not still alive IIRC
  4. Sounds very dodgy to me. If you need a certificate, you can get one off the NHS site anytime you want, valid for 1 month.
  5. I upgraded to W11 a couple of weeks ago. I had to unplug and replug in the mouse to get it working, otherwise no problems at all. Hardly notice any difference TBH over W10 apart from icons in the middle botttom of the screen.
  6. Info about the new train.
  7. It did a midday return trip from St Pancras to Nottingham too. This was the time when the West Coast main line was being electrified south of Manchester, so there were lots of engineering works. One idea of the Midland Pullman was to provide an alternative service during these works. Once finished the train was transferred to the Western Region to join its brethren on services from Paddington to Bristol etc. A bit like Project Rio around 2005 when fast trains again ran from St Pancras to Manchester via Leicester.
  8. Not unusual to have a bus company on board. NCT were involved as part of the team running the original franchise. This sounds interesting if you want to hear the thinking behind the castle revamp...
  9. Nottingham Castle was destroyed by the Roundheads after the Civil War, rebuilt as a mansion and burnt down by rioters, the good citizens of Nottingham. The one you see now was a comprehensive rebuild in the C19. Its principal claim to fame, I believe, is that it was the first purpose-built public art gallery and museum outside London. It is a significant work of T C Hine, the major architect of Victorian Nottingham. Therefore the building has considerable historic interest, but not as a castle.
  10. Here's some info on Notts & Derby liveries
  11. See 1927 entry here
  12. The information below these images suggests some were brown & Cream, others maroon & cream Maybe maroon was the later livery? Also this coloured postcard
  13. Boot lids that opened flat so you could carry more luggage. Dickey seats
  14. An album of photos here