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  1. This guide is helpful, if you are not aware of it already
  2. This guy has some interesting videos of old railway line walks etc. He explains the history as well as a thorough film of the remains. The latest is Watnall tunnel, but there are several others of local railway lines amongst his extensive geographic coverage
  3. Interesting and informative PDF on the Nottingham Canal here
  4. Fantastic video showing 'country folk' and market day in Newark with lots of 1940s street scenes
  5. There's a story in the news that he inherited a view from his grandfather that any kind of illness is a sign of personal weakness. Indications are that he had the virus several days at the very least before he admitted the fact - quite possibly longer. This included attending the presidential debate and a garden party with crowds of people, lots of hugging, few face masks etc. Normally you only need oxygen in the later stages of the virus, not in the first few days. His staff refuse to say when he last had a negative test. Very suspicious IMHO
  6. sorry, i must be mistaken. Apologies!
  7. I suspect something may have changed over time, as the map I found seemed different - will have to check, but can't access it at the moment
  8. The 18 started where the photo was taken and headed round Gainford Crescent and down Hucknall Road into the city. I suspect the conductor just forgot to change the number. Both the 17 and 18 went to Trinity Sq, so once the bus got to the City Hospital they were on the same route anyway.
  9. Arnold Road looks right to me. The problem with Google street view is that it distorts images and makes distant things look much further away than they are. There are some houses in the right place on Landcroft that match the distinctive roofline of the houses in the background of the bus picture...,-1.1607642,3a,75y,195.57h,83.86t/data=!3m7!1e1!3m5!1siSO0r4uz00QqN97P3yXxAg!2e0!!7i13312!8i6656 Where they bus is parked was the terminus of route 18, which also went to Trinity Sq. That would explain the clock. The 18 departed along Gainford Crescent. The small domestic garage in the background is still there. I can't imagine anywhere else with so many similarities.
  10. 67A - Huntingdon St to Gedling station, a few extended to Grange Estate I think - timetable not very clear a 67 carried on to Arnold or Bulwell with short route fram Gedling to Hucknall in the 1959 timetable
  11. We were discouraged from thinking illness could be Coronavirus even when the first test centres were opened. We were told that unless you had just returned from abroad or had been in close contact with someone who had just returned from abroad it couldn't be Coronavirus, so they didn't want you to go and be tested. I know of several friends who had 'flu' with strange symptoms in February but just shrugged it off. Only much later, when they read about similar symptoms from confirmed CV victims, did they even begin to suspect what it was.
  12. An unfortunate lady in Nottingham got it first in the UK according to the latest news - at least until they find someone earlier SAdly she died from the disease, which is how they traced her records.
  13. I used to walk along Nottingham Road when I was young, past all those buildings, on my way to and from the old Butlers Hill Schools. I remember seeing some of the buildings being knocked down when they widened the road. I remember a big man with thick rimmed glasses often standing outside the house next to what is now Bestwood Road. He always seemed to have a flat cap and a thick overcoat on, whatever the weather. He always said hello, with a broad smile on his face when we passed by.
  14. The origin of the disease is very difficult to work out. It was first publicised in China, but there is evidence of coronavirus elsewhere before the retrospectively-traced first cases there in October. There is a possibility at least that it was lurking in a number of places before the right conditions arose for an epidemic. The WHO is currently doing a detailed investigation. Spanish flu, immediately after WW1, is a good example of misrepresentation. It got a lot of publicity as Spanish newspapers were not censored at the time, whereas in most of Europe and America, news was suppressed. It is likely that it started in America a year or two earlier, but no one knows for sure.