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  1. According to Facebook it is a Daimler with Massey bodywork, taken outside Newark Bus Station. Full caption is Gash of Newark was a keen user of Daimler chassis are here we see a CVG6 type double decker with Massey body, featuring platform doors. As was normal with Gash, this vehicle gave long service, from 1954 until 1987 when it was sold direct into preservation.
  2. Actually in Newark, but on a service from Nottingham From the Bus Archive Facebook site
  3. That would have been coal gas I presume, not natural gas
  4. Depends what you are used to. On relatively flat ground, like canal towpaths I find I can walk forever. Across country in the Lake District or the Peak District is far more strenuous because of the steep gradients and rougher ground.
  5. The fact that the League is one team short due to Bury's demise means top teams could be promoted in the National League and Football League 2 and no one relegated
  6. Apparently there is some doubt about that now. At least one very early victim has been identified who lived elsewhere. The Wunan market may just have been a place where lots of people congregated close together. Bats may be a more likely source of the virus, though not necessarily directly to humans.
  7. Yes, looking again it is definitely photoshopped - see enlargement below. Most of the tram has been brushed out for some reason and the track has been modified too - why, I can't imagine!
  8. Whatever happened to the tram in the last photo? it looks as if they left the last carriage behind!
  9. It goes to Alderney too
  10. see second section on this page
  11. Only one team gets relegated from League 2 this year and Macclesfield are very close to going into administration which, if it happened would probably mean they were expelled and no team is relegated this year. A good year to play badly? IIRC Stags benefitted like this once before when they avoided the drop from Div 3 to Div 4 as Peterborough were deducted points for irregularities and relegated instead.
  12. see this article for more information map here
  13. That's why I put a smiley at the end of the message
  14. Even if we exclude small islands in rivers like the Arun, you still have Thorney Island and Pilsley Island