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  1. notty ash

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    Some motors seen recently in Armenia and Georgia - a couple of lorries and British buses included too, for completeness
  2. notty ash

    Foters Wiv' Motors.

    It is not the first time that strange car has been discussed. There was definitely a very long and interesting topic in the photo some time ago on here. The result was inconclusive despite several near misses. Probably a kit car or home made job was the final conclusion, IIRC
  3. notty ash

    Old Lorries.

    Collars Ltd of Wembley owned AUU 602, a Commer two-ton chassis with an "art deco" streamlined van body by Holland Coachcraft of Govan in Glasgow. This van was displayed at the 1933 Commercial Vehicle Show
  4. notty ash

    The Old Market Square

    The Old Market Square was called Market Place on maps up until the 1930s at least. Old Market Square probably just means - square where the old market was held.
  5. notty ash

    Hucknall Highway.

    Strictly speaking, this is before Hucknall had a market place. The photographer is looking towards Church Square with the church in the background. What is now the market place was occupied by buildings and private gardens.
  6. notty ash

    Hidden gems of the Shire.

    Archway House was originally 2 cottages on the ground floor and a schoolroom on the upper floor. It was proposed to build identical gatehouses all around the periphery of the Duke's estate , but ultimately only one was built.
  7. notty ash

    Buses in Mexico...

    I have been to Mexico twice, but not for many years. Most buses in rural areas seemed to be ex-US school buses at the time. I got on a bus one evening with friends. We worried, as he took our fares, that the driver seemed very young - maybe early teens at the most. We sat down and noticed that locals getting on the bus didn't seem even slightly perturbed. Eventually it came to departure time. The lad got out of the driver's seat and the real driver, a mature man, got on the bus and took his place. Phew!
  8. notty ash

    Where and what was this building?

    Possibly filling in an old railway cutting? The old Great Northern line east of Watnall springs to mind.
  9. notty ash

    Railway Photos

    66601 Hindlow Quarry
  10. notty ash

    Hucknall Highway.

    The original Peppers sweet shop opposite the market place was pulled down in the early 1960s(?) It bore no resemblance to any building now standing.
  11. notty ash

    Buses in Nottingham

    Kit available form the Model Bus Federation
  12. notty ash

    New Tram

    Interesting technique with the trolley poles on the NCT trolleybus. Seems to be using one pole on one wire of the 'up' side and one pole on one wire on the 'down' side of the road
  13. notty ash

    Buses in Nottingham

    Looks a bit like that photo was deliberately posed for some reason - no passengers, conductor making sure he was in the photo etc etc
  14. notty ash

    Buses in Nottingham

    Newcastle is a metro, not a tram - more like the London Underground with no street running. Edinburgh has trams, but not Glasgow
  15. notty ash

    Bus depot - Victoria ?

    National Express moved to Broad Marsh - following its demolition they are now in temporary accommodation, see