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  1. Also the LNER station at 5:44 - can't be Victoria or Midland. Wonder if it might be outside Nottingham, e.g. Leicester Central?
  2. Interesting video showing Nottingham just after ww2. Includes Slab Sq, Victoria Station, trolleybuses etc
  3. Buses in Nottingham, Derby and Burton upon Trent, even though the title says Mansfield and Nottingham. Views of Huntingdon St and Mount St bus stations amongst others.
  4. It is a lowbridge body which makes the proportions look a little odd. Some were far uglier than this though.
  5. Nice Barton bus here, in Derby bus stn on its way to Nottingham, courtesy of the Bus Archive on Facebook
  6. I see Grant Schapps/DoT has approved the reopening for passenger services of the Nottingham to Melton line and the line from Kirkby through Pinxton to Alfreton ( so-called Maid Marian line) 15 schemes altogether nationwide
  7. steam lasted until the 1970s in Germany, years after the last steam locos were withdrawn from BR (Vale of Rheidol narrow gauge line excepted of course)
  8. You can overlay one map onto the other and adjust the scales to match, like this
  9. Here's a 1933 photo showing the Crown being built. No roundabout then.
  10. You might find something in the Notts Archives as planning processes would have been undergone before the roundabout and the Crown were built. Some kind of plans would have been drawn up then. These often show the position of buildings being demolished to make way for the new construction.
  11. Russia has 9 time zones, with a gap due to Belarus getting in the way and France 12 (honestly!)
  12. This guide is helpful, if you are not aware of it already
  13. This guy has some interesting videos of old railway line walks etc. He explains the history as well as a thorough film of the remains. The latest is Watnall tunnel, but there are several others of local railway lines amongst his extensive geographic coverage