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  1. Apparently the new edition of 'Classic Bus' magazine has a special article commemorating the formation of Midland General/ Notts & Derby Traction, in case anyone is interested.
  2. From the Notts Local History Association Facebook page
  3. Ask and ye shall receive Getting us in the mood for Christmas (or at least some snowy weather) is this shot of Nottingham 516 (KTV 516) a BUT 9641T trolleybus with Brush bodywork new in March 1950. (Roy Marshall collection, ref. RM02/C20946). As with all our posts, feel free to share widely but please credit us and please respect our copyright. And remember to 'like's 'follow' The Bus Archive.
  4. A nice photo on the cover of the latest Bus Archive mag available here Bus Archive Newsletter No. 18 - September 2022 (Second Proof) Nottingham trolleybus in the snow Older editions of the mag are listed here, though not much about Nottingham they may be of interest... Newsletter - The Bus Archive - the memory of the bus industry
  5. There are lots of obstructions to progress on the Grantham Canal. A lot of bridges were flattened to ease road traffic movement and the canal just flows under by a couple of concrete pipes. The canal is also completely blocked where the A1 crosses the course of the canal. The Grantham basin was completely filled in in the 1930s and has long been an industrial estate. There are some photos of it just before demolition on the Britain From Above site.
  6. Whilst some MAGA/Qanon Republicans will support Trump to the bitter end, I see signs that many are now increasingly seeing him as a huge liability. A prison sentence would neatly get him out of the way. A president can only pardon people for federal crimes I think, so any state crimes would still stand, like the New York corruption charges and attempts to change the results of elections, which are a state responsibility.
  7. I wonder how they came to choose that combination of colours! I'm guessing they had to come up with something that none of the major operators around Nottingham already used? They were 50% owned by Barton until the NCT takeover.
  8. Butler Bros still has a depot and booking office in Kirkby. Just school runs and coaches these days, I think.
  9. Another Butlers Bros coach, this time at Huntingdon St Bus Station
  10. All Midland General and N&DT buses were owned by Balfour Beatty until nationalised. The N&DT/MG distinction was essentially a bookkeeping exercise. Their tram routes and replacement trolleybuses had been specifically enabled by Act of Parliament, whilst pure bus routes didn't require this. The N&DT buses were (nominally at least) direct replacements for the tram and trolleybus routes only. I remember seeing N&DT motor buses in places like Hucknall on occasion, so the distinction was not always followed. The trunk route from Ripley to Nottingham went from trams to tr
  11. Barton, Trent and East Midland had them too.
  12. If you think in terms of older English vs modern pronunciation pronunciation, then old Plumptre and the modern Plumtree are possibly not all that different.
  13. According to Wikepidia John de Plumptre, Mayor of Nottingham, founded Plumptre Hospital in 1392. It was dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary and supported two priests and "thirteen poor women broken down of age and depressed of poverty". It was endowed with 13 properties around the town.
  14. This guy on Youtube is really worth looking at for an in depth, expert overview on the war Anders Puck Nielsen - YouTube
  15. What we now call the Trent has changed course a few times. Up to 2 ice ages ago it ran west to east from the Welsh mountains to the Stoke on Trent area, then along the Vale of Belvoir, through the Ancaster Gap and on via the Sleaford area towards the sea. Ice floes blocked that exit at the end of the last-but-one ice age and diverted the eastern flow via Lincoln, the route of the current River Witham. Only after the last ice age did the Trent flow north to the Humber. The flow from the Welsh mountains must have got blocked at some point too, as no rivers currently flow from Wales into the Tren