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  1. We now have women train drivers A womans right to choo choos
  2. No: They made a mistake they were really trying to land in Tibet
  3. Mandalay Street where George Brough was born there's a blue plaque
  4. There is a facebook page "Nottingham Suburban Railway"
  5. You need a bank loan to buy a packet of fags these days
  6. The bank wqill still change them IF they're real
  7. I have an "odd sock" drawer
  8. Spoons Bulwell I do enjoy the "nine o'clock stampede when I pay a visit
  9. That's OK by me I don't drink before 12 o'clock (usually) anyway
  10. I always call The Hand & Heart the "TARDIS" pub
  11. My 70th is rapidly approaching (February next) and I am finding the floor is further down than it used to be And I almost forgot happy birthday mate