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  1. You Couldn't Make this Up !

    I'll second that Mick
  2. You Couldn't Make this Up !

    Catfan from Bill Gates a few "home truths) I wish I'd learnt some of these when I was younger
  3. How's your day?

    Ben you should have asked the lady selling wills if she had one her self because if she carried on the way she was she may well of needed one Sorry I had not read Loppylugs post
  4. How's your day?

    Nice walk to Bulwell this morning Then the usual coffee & tram home
  5. How's your day?

    Up at 05.30 it looks a nice morning now it's light So it's shower & off for my daily walk
  6. How's your day?

    Margie & Carni I have always walked(or used public transport) never owning a car(till my good lady wife came along ) So a walk of 3 to 4 miles is nothing to me a lot of men my age use the car to go & buy a paper or a packet of fags so have forgot more or less what their legs are for. I intend to do my daily walks till I drop
  7. How's your day?

    Carni I walked up to Moor Bridge this afternoon via the old Great Northern Leen valley route
  8. Nottingham & Notts Books

    No idea how to correct this my stepson will help but he is is Amsterdam at the moment & won't be seeing him till the 25th If you wish to delete the two offending posts please do so
  9. How's your day?

    Up early this morning walked into slab square coffee in spoons & tram home
  10. Nottingham & Notts Books

    About £7 - £8 He had load the last time I was there There are some via Abe books apparently the hardest one to get is volume 20. Oxfam on Market Street had a few on Friday
  11. Nottingham & Notts Books

    Blores bookshop 203 Mansfield will have these plus all 23 volumes Victorian/Edwardian Nottingham
  12. Nottingham & Notts Books

    Bought this from Oxfam Newark today