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  1. Things that pee you off

    Sometimes "quote" is necessary as what is being replied to is quite a few posts back & yes I admit I sometimes us quotes too often
  2. Things that pee you off

    What the hell is this pushchair a VW Golf
  3. Nottingham Blue Plaques

    I know there is a (green)plaque to George Brough on a house on Arnold Road but how about a plaque on the houses built on the sire of the Brough factory on Vernon Road?
  4. Things that pee you off

    Point taken
  5. Things that pee you off

    Not only me Mick
  6. Talking pubs in general I have a list of Nottingham pubs in 1950 & there were over 350 pubs in the city area at that time
  7. Things that pee you off

    I am biased though: Firstly I don't drive(my wife does) so if I go anywhere alone I use public transport. Secondly David Lane tram stop is only five minuets walk away & the tram is the fastest way to the city for me. I wish Basford Vernon railway station was still open I would then use the train more depending on where I was going.
  8. Things that pee you off

    But trans carry at least three times the passengers that a bus does & in normal circumstances faster And a bus usually diesel pollutes the cities air
  9. Things that pee you off

    As you "refuse" to use the tram how would you know? I use the tram almost every day & to me it is always well used. And are the buses always full?
  10. Things that pee you off

    Yet you say the trams are unreliable Mick
  11. Things that pee you off

    Try looking about at 8am(ish) & 4 .30 pm
  12. Things that pee you off

    How do you know Mick you never use the tram in fact you hate the tram
  13. Were you born at home

    I was born Highbury vale hospital in 1949 & lived in Carlton/Gedling till 1967 I moved back to Nottingham in June last year & now live less than a mile from where I was born I will be 69 in February
  14. Things that pee you off

    Happens on the tram too Mick
  15. Things that make you happy !

    And I'll say it again there are many my age who are not