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  1. Tim in the North East

    Derby Airways tragedy

    My first flight was in 1961 on a Derby Airways Dakota flight to Guernsey for our family holiday. Trent bus from Huntingdon Street to the airport - check in the luggage in a wooden hut then wait in the concrete ‘terminal’ before embarking. Bumpy grass runway. When we came back it was dark and the grass landing strip was illuminated by burning oil rags in inverted dustbin lids! My my dad used to take my brother and I there - you could wander into the hangars and the engineers would take you up to the flight deck of the Dakotas and DC4s. I remember them telling us very sternly not to touch the levers that raised the undercarriage! Security has had got a bit tighter.....
  2. Tim in the North East

    The Old Market Square

    Just a guess - but given that the open market was held there until the 1920s (when the Council House was built and the market moved to Lower Parliament Street) I wonder if it was called ‘Market Square’ until then and the ‘Old’ was added after the market moved?
  3. Hello Tim, I found your pics of Watson Fothergill's old house being demolished. Please can I link to them or use them on my blog? I'd like to tell the story. I'm hoping to write about demolished Fothergill buildings to accompany my walking tours of those that are left (if you're in Nottingham please join me!) Thanks Lucy watsonfothergillwalk.com please email me watsonfothergillwalk@gmail.com

  4. Tim in the North East

    Railway Photos

    I used to train spot at Carrington Station from about 1960 to 1965. The gate by the shop (old station house) was invariably open so you could just walk in. We generally stayed on the higher ground behind the signal box and out of view of the signalman - so never got into trouble! My regret is I never took a camera - all the B1s, V2s, Jubilees, Royal Scots, Black 5s, O4s, 8Fs, Austerities and 9Fs....
  5. Tim in the North East

    Classic cars

    After having been driven at 70mph in a Bond Bug down University Boulevard my preference has been for four wheeled vehicles.....
  6. Tim in the North East

    Lost friend from Mapperley

    There is a John Decara listed in this 2015 directoryhttps://www.locatefamily.com/Street-Lists/UK/NG5/index26.html
  7. Tim in the North East


    My first barbers was Pelham's on King Street. It was in the basement of one of the buildings on the west side of the street (possibly the Prudential Building) - anyway you went down a flight of stairs and there were about 8 or 10 chairs on two sides of a big room - or if you paid more you could have your hair cut in a separate room with just one chair. Later on I couldn't be bothered catching the bus into town for a haircut so went to the Park Saloon - the last of a parade of shops on Mansfield Road in Carrington immediately after the junction with Hucknall Road. last time I was in the city (about 4 years ago) I noticed both had gone.
  8. Tim in the North East

    From the Castle.....

    My memories of boyhood trips up to the Castle terraces in the late 1950s / early 1960s we’re not just the view (through a lot more smoke than now) but also the sounds of not only many steam engines on the railways but also the hooting of barges on the canal which still had commercial traffic.
  9. Tim in the North East

    Watson Fothergill's Home on Mapperley Road

    In the latter years of the old house it had been sub-divided into flats / bed-sits and rented out. I seem to remember it was looking tatty and under-maintained towards the end - so maybe the landlord just cut their losses. Victorian architecture was not valued in the 1960s and fewer people wanted big houses.
  10. It is 50 years since the vandalism that saw Watson Fothergill's house on Mapperley Road being demolished to make way for some very bland flats. At the time I lived in the house behind it on Chestnut Grove and was able to photograph the demolition work taking place:
  11. Tim in the North East

    50 years on

    The patrol cars in the late 1950s were black Wolseley saloons with a big bell on the front bumper. If my memory serves me they were replaced by Standard Vanguards and then Triumph 2000s - and possibly the Triumphs were the first in white with two tone horn and blue flashing light.
  12. Tim in the North East

    Where is This?

    St Ann’s Well Road?
  13. Tim in the North East

    school or sunday school days out

    We went on an A level Chemistry trip to Stavely steel works. When they tapped the blast furnaces there was a huge cloud of sulphur dioxide that made us all choke. The guide told us that the men who worked there lost so much fluid they would typically have 4 pints st the pub opposite before going home. Our chemistry master wouldn't let us try it - even though some of us were already 18......
  14. Tim in the North East

    Edwardian photo of Lister Gate

    From (unreliable) memory, in the late 1960s /early 1970s, John Collier's shop was at the corner of Lister Gate and Low Pavement
  15. Tim in the North East

    Which Photo Shop?

    I had an oldish version of Photoshop (CS3) that worked well on my old Apple Mac running OS 10.6.8 but which kept crashing on my new Mac running OS 10.12. Rather than rent the latest version of Photoshop from Adobe I have bought for about £50 Affinity Photo. It is very well reviewed, it does virtually everything that Photoshop does and comes with a very thorough set of video tutorials. There is also a Windows version of it too. Tim