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  1. Been away for a while, but fantastic think you got us all , I still see Clive Rose he still lives in the area and up till Sept I worked in Hyson Green.
  2. Use this utility to keep your Epson R300 (or any other Epson) runnining smoothly,my R300 is 5years old now uses bulk feed ink system and never let me down....
  3. Think it was Mr Walker we used to go there for him to make us his Cough Medicine..
  4. Third row second from left........David Smedley front row centre Romeo Dixon....second row third from right I remember him collecting bottles and having a display of them in the window of a building society in town and think his name was also David.
  5. Can anyone put the manes to these faces? I am second row from the top second from the left.
  6. Remember walking to Shewood then back to Forest Fields,Mr Dibb and climbing the stairs to watch films and his roar if you were late,we had the film Ice Station Zebra in the hall (still one of my favorite films),being lined up in front of the whole school for letting off stink bombs in the bike sheds,oh and the three rulers on the back of the hand in maths.Great days,still have my class photo in Black and White,will get it scanned and post it so you can help me with the names... !rotfl!
  7. As a child I lived in Devonshire Cottages,these were on the right as you went down Dunstan St,the last time I looked it was a car park. I spent most of the summer holidays fishing the ponds mainly the L shape and staying there days at a time only returning home when I needed feeding,no need for mum to call the police. At the age of 17 started work at Lonnies as a printers assistant,lived in Colwick now for the last 25 years so Netho is just up the road.
  8. I used to go to Claremont school and at dinner we would go and play football in the flats or mess around in the garages under the flats before they became too dangerous and were fenced off.