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  1. I'd have thought that leaning forward would only you to force things thereby causing piles to appear !  

    I've got a little foot stool, and sit with my arms on my knees reading, or on my iPad !

    Automatic seat cleaning ! It's a good job you weren't still sitting on it Lizzie, or you might have got more than you bargained for ! You'd be dizzy, wet, and oh, and  that brush can be a bit unnerving, embarrassing, not to say a mite painful.

    Oh God, what a subject. Let's get on to bad driving, litter, fly tipping or vandalism !

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  2. In yesterday's Evening Post, a 23 year old guy who'd been banned from driving 9 times, yes 9 times, was only jailed for 2 years, and banned for 44 months. He was in a stolen vehicle, no insurance and driving while disqualified. He drove through red lights, hit bollards and lost a wheel, carried on speeding, and narrowly missed workers in a section of road works. 

    Just how long does it take for a dimwit of a judge to finally see the light. The guy should have been jailed ages ago, and banned from driving for life ! Truly unbelievable !

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  3. That's exactly how things were in dads chippie ! I've spent hours of my childhood helping by putting spuds in the cement mixer looking thing that removed the skins. Speck them manually, by removing the 'eyes', then tipping them into the automatic chipper ! Happy days.

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