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  1. Had a little fun trying to remember the places I worked at or frequented in the good old days. Enjoy the map and let me know what I have missed off. Still looking for internal shots of the Palais, or other clubs in the 70's, would appreciate anything you may consider sharing, a quick scan will be fine. Sorry it's low res, only allowed to post small files. Anyone wishing for me to send a full res version please feel free to email
  2. I remember introducing resident band Luna Park every night, can't remember which year though.
  3. That was it, Mortimers under Isabella's. I wonder what happened to the Mecca club next to the clock tower down stairs. Intercom? Tiffanys. Did they fill the hole in and bury the club? It's a Spec Savers now!
  4. At last I found it hidden in my grey matter, LUNA PARK
  5. Yes I remember working a s DJ there, Rex Harvey started it as a small club in what was the upstairs restaurant. It must have been early 80's. It was the first place to get a 12 o'clock licence. Very busy, noise caused residents to complain and it moved to the dog track, again very busy. Great memories. Regards Stuart Mills
  6. Wow that get my memory working Mick, I too did the Palais for a while and at some point the one under the night club, called Morts Cavern? I played pop rock on, well I think it was sat afternoons? This guy used to come in wearing a white suit and give me a tip for playing his latest record from Selectadisc. Was that you Mick? What were those house bands called at the Palais anyone? Regards Stuart Mills
  7. Hi, I was a DJ there for a few years late 70's, I remember introducing the Mike Miller Band, later they had a cool black singer, he was ace, he did a single, name slips me sorry. Tristrum also played with another house band, anyone remember the name?
  8. Can't remember Tony Rainbow, I did work there twice as a DJ, when I returned there was only one band. Still can't remember the other band who played along side Tristrum, any help anyone? The other DJ was called Taz I then went to the Sherwood rooms and DJ'd the Astoria when it opened working for Barry Noble. Stu the DJ, Stu the manager and Stu the doorman, very confusing!
  9. More NJD folk Keith Greenwood Stuart Mills Jim Gissing Paul Bestwick
  10. Well I can remember introducing the Mike Miller Band. I was a DJ there in the late 70's. Mick Knight the manager, Edwin Starr was on one night. Great times. What was the other band that alternated with Tristrum Shandy. I remember playing records for only 15 mins whilst the guys changed the kit over. They were brilliant. I had to think hard to fill the floor without playing records the bands did live, Motown always worked. I remember running in one night at 7.30(opened at 80) with anew KC and the Sunshine band record only to find the band practising it, they played it and played it very well