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    Bye all

    I used to be a Zetnet subscriber; formerly Uk's largest independent web provider that maintained a family atmosphere to the end. The director once gave me 6 months free access because I sent him an old tape I no longer wanted! Whenever anyone left Zetnet they used to announce their departure and reason for leaving - often dial-up problems in those days.
  2. Here in the far north of Scotland rooks often build trial nests around Xmas. The main nest building gets under way in February but the winter storms usually blow them out of the trees a few times before they finally finish them.
  3. Apologies for the delay in responding to your post - I completely missed it, idiot that I am <g> I don't know its location but I'll ask my brother who may have more gen.
  4. I used a folded fag packet :o)
  5. I lived on Oxclose Lane. The one I heard may have doubled as a fire brigade siren down in Daybrook.
  6. It rings a bell but I'm blowed if I can place it. I'll take a look at Picture the Past and see if there's a photo.
  7. Why is it that whenever I click the "Like" button it tells me that I have already had my quota of positive votes for the day?! Anyway, I too remember the same trains and despite living in a former railway station, with trains, still miss the old steam sounds.
  8. A variation being the "Jolly Sailor"
  9. Cuckoos are still common here in the north of Scotland and one of the few birdsongs I can still hear.
  10. Until I was about 16yrs old I could lie in bed and be lulled to sleep by the sound of late evening trains shunting and passing through Bulwell Common. I lived a couple of miles away but the sound carried nicely on a still evening.
  11. Mine still do! I live in the far north of Scotland where wellies are essential footwear.
  12. I really miss the song of birds. I can no longer hear many of them due to partial deafness. Another thing I miss is the sound of the air raid siren being tested during the 1950s at the height of the c"Cold war" when we expected to be bombed at any minute.
  13. Try looking up Macrolepiota procera (Parasol Mushroom). Here's some details for you to check as a guide (from my book: Mushrooms and Toadstools of Britain and North-western Europe. Marcel Bonn. Hodder & Stoughton): "Cap 12-25cm Umbonate with a continuous brown patch at the centre surrounded by reularly concentric scales, ochraceous beige on a paler ground. Gills creamy white. Stipe [stem] 25x2cm, slightly bulbous, 4cm across, closely zoned brownish up to a thick ring with an outer fleecy flange. Flesh pale, not reddening. Spores 13x8┬Ám, with lens shape germ pore. Meadows, grassy p
  14. London Road station was opened in 1857 and I can't see it on the map. From this I assume that the map date is pre 1957.
  15. What a character she must have been! I wonder how she came to stick pins and needles all over herself though?
  16. When I was a small boy in the 1950s I had bad feet. This meant regular visits to the children's hospital behind Mansfield Road near the Forest cemetery. On occasions when the weather was fine my mother would take me to see the birds in the Arboretum and if we had some bread we would also feed the ducks on the pond whilst there.
  17. It was Parkies for me too. Used to buy individual fags from my mate's mother who worked in a newsagents down Sneinton Dale. Fags didn't give you cancer in the good old days <g>
  18. My most common weekend evening out in the early 1970s when I lived on Arundel Street, near Canning Circus, was: Start at Hand and Heart (built into the sandstone), Derby Road; Next The Sir John Borlace Warren (commonly known as The Borlace) Canning Circus; then on to another little bar just around the corner whose name I have now rather inconveniently unremembered - doh!; finally the Portland Arms just off Alfreton Road. Weekdays drinking was usually confined to The Wheatsheaf on Ilkeston Road, which my pal and I called (affectionately) the Colour Bar, because we were often the only two non
  19. Remind me, please - where is/was the Sawyers Arms?
  20. Steve Freyne - sister called Anna perchance?
  21. I seem to remember that the News house once housed the Nottingham traditional Music Club. (NTMC). Is the NTMC still running in another place?
  22. That looks like the one - I recall it having a double frontage. However, it is over 40 years since I shopped there so I could easily be wrong.
  23. I think you are correct it saying that GeeDee was in Hockley (on the right hand side going downhill away from town?) - it was there we bought our JET-EX fuse for connecting fireworks together and other nefarious doings :o)
  24. I had a sneaky feeling that was it's correct title but insecurity took control and I gave it a comedy title instead :o)