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  1. I still have an enamel Golliwog. One collected tokens from the jars and sent off for a really nice enamel badge. Many depicted sports but mine is just a plain Golly. Gollywogs are now back in fashion and are sold in many outlets - they even had them for sale at the John O'Groats shop last time I was there.
  2. Cor blimey - the cockle man! what memories that brings back. I always used to look forward to his visit to the pub around late evening, just when teh appetite was given an edge by the driink :o)
  3. Yes, there's Alf's shop on the right just before the bridge arch; thank you. I also remember the garage in question but cannot for the life of me remember it's name :o( Where was the Bamboo Cafe?
  4. I remember Crookie (y) crisps _ AND_ the smell of boiling wort from the Home Brewery as I passed the crisp factory. They must have shared the same yard.
  5. This is very interesting. The Home Brewery tower was under construction at the time of taking the photograph. Does anyone have a date for this?
  6. I seem to remember, and I am probably wrong, but the barber was on the corner demolished in the picture, and the barber shop as appears in the picture was a radio shop; anyone concur?
  7. Does anyone remember Eric and Hilda, Landlord/lady of the Druids Tavern on High Street Arnold back in the 1960s? I wonder when they retired and what became of them afterwards?
  8. Have another memory that I would like to discuss but I think it calls for a new subject header....
  9. What a fantastic forum this is! I am seeing photos and hearing stories of places I haven't seen for decades and all thanks to forum members - thanks all. !cheers!
  10. Many, Many thanks for the pictures Stu. I don't suppose you have a nice one of the Station from the footbridge do you? I love the one of the sweet shop. One of my fondest memories of childhood is standing at the counter and choosing my penn'orth of sweets for the week. I had forgotten the houses on Station Road completely. just noticed the Brooke Bond sign too - I now have an identical one on my house (Watten Station) wall. !cheers!
  11. I'm pleased that someone else remembers the pigeon wing! Brilliant!! AS for the hoarding - you are not alone in your nocturnal use. Unfortunately for my brother, he was taken short one night whilst walking home. Being in desperate need of relief he went behind that same hoarding and was apprehended upon his return to the road by a burly policeman who had seen him take the detour around the back. Duly charged with indecent exposure despite having taken precautions to hide from public gaze, he was fined, If I recall correctly, £5 and told to use a toilet next time !rulez!
  12. (Refer to Stu's photo of Daybrook Bridge and Cliff Ton's map) If you imagine you are walking through the bridge on the left hand side you go through the arch and cross Station Road immediately beyond. on the far corner there was a tiny sweet shop where an old lady (1950s) used to sell loose sweets in small triangular bags. I wonder if anyone knows what her name was? The works marked on the map by the station would be the BeRo flour factory. Another question that comes to mind is did they have a hand cranked crane in the station goods yard? And finally for toight: What is the red vehicle u
  13. that is the group of buildings we are discussing. The barber shop is the white frontage and you can just make out the "A H..." A. Hutchings, barber.
  14. It certainly does and it brings back memories too! Here's one: there used to be a pigeon's wing stuck under the bridge decking over the northbound carriageway. Does anyone remember it? It was there for years (c1960s).
  15. Vale motors it was! Well remembered that man :o) Ah, just had a thought.....was Vale motors on the same side as the Vale hotel or was it on the Bedale Road side? Or did they both belong to the same owner?
  16. Ditto this post: I bought my Lambretta from Jocelyn's. In it's later years it was owned/managed by a Morris Dancer who's name escapes me for the moment although I recall, his wife was known as Maz. There was a motorbike shop at the junction of Morris Street and Mansfield Road not far from Hammond's Garage and the shops at the foot of St Alban's Road. Cheers, Compo in Caithness
  17. Apologies if this appears twice - I tried to respond via email and it hasn't appeared: That's a fascinating account Poohbear; excellent gen. I had been thinking about asking of the Garage but you answered the question of who the owners were. Did Walkers also own the garage across the road adjacent to Bedale Road and the works next to the aforesaid building block? Cheers, Compo in Caithness
  18. Will check out the books Stu, thanks. I once spent an afternoon watching Arnold St. Mary's losing 1-3 to Bristol Rovers in the third round of the FA Cup at home. That must have been about 1967ish. I had an uncle who played for the Pakamount (sp?) team. Their home ground was somewhere in Basford I think. Having said that, I'm no fooptie fan really. Used to watch Notts County occasionally; was sworn at by the opposition goalkeeper once - sound carried over a near empty stadium :-(
  19. Never visited the "Clootie Well" in Munlochy but promise to make time for it when next spending a day in Inverness. Smoo Cave is great. If you look out towards the sea you can judge where the cave once extended to by the height and steepness of the cliffs for about a hundred yards or so. They still do the boat trips deep into the cave. In all, a bit bigger than the sandstone caves in the city of Notty.
  20. The Nottingham part was quite small. A mixed race woman who fled Kenya with her mother after independence found the then new Hyson Green flats to be wonderful. However, towards the end of their existence the flats became a no-go area for police (1980 riots) and were taken over by undesirable elements. Finally, they were almost pulled down by the tenants because of their poor state of repair. There was a short piece of film showing the demolition of the Hyson Green flats.
  21. Probably been discussed before my arrival but was anyone here involved in the making of any of the big-screen films in Nottingham. For example The Ragman's Daughter and Saturday Night & Sunday Morning.
  22. Crikey! What are all those trees doing on St Ann's Well Road? It used to be wall-to-wall shops just there.
  23. Brian Fish rings a bell.... Ok who was the barber I am thinking of? On Nottingham Road opposite the park entrance? I remember Duke street but thought you were talking about the Nottm road barber, sorry about the mix up. Now that you mention it, I do remember the offy. I also remember the church/chapel across the road and up a bit. They used to put a float into the Whitsun parade each year (or was it May Day?). An uncle of mine had a wedding reception in the upstairs of the old Co-op. The last time I visited it had just become Wetherspoons. The drive around to ours from Ullapool is on
  24. Thanks for the cinema name. I don't recall one of that name - did it change sometime before about 1962? I now remember the Cavendish being where you describe; I went to see 'The Great St.Trinian's Train Robbery' there with a couple of school pals in about 1965. I also seem to remember there being a number of second-hand (Pawn?) shops along the road. If I recall correctly, the numbers 40 and 47 trolley buses (Later, motor buses) went up the road to the Wells Road from somewhere in the Meadows area.
  25. Crikey Stu! Now you're bringing back all sorts of memories long forgotten :o) I don't recall Len although I was born at 51 High (back) Street, opposite Wharton's Dairy and next door but one to Harry Fish's bakery. I do recall a women's hairdresser at the end of West Street in a row of shops at the junction with High Street, across from the Liberal? club. Was there not a chippy in there somewhere too? I do remember Rex in Daybrook though. I used to go there for the "Boston" style which, as you say, was little more than a short back and sides. His shop was IIRC at the end of the street