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  1. Back in the 1990s I took a holiday in the working island of Trinidad. Everywhere I went lads would lean out of their vehicle window and shout "Hey Whitey!" as they drove past. I wasn't offended and on each occasion I simply waved and shoute "Hi!" back to them and of course, most waved back. Can you imagine what would happen if I leaned out of a vehicle in UK and shouted "Hey Blackie!" at every coloured bloke I saw?
  2. It's dahnright bleddy infuriating when 'er indoors has a Spring clean! I can't find owt anymore and when I ask she says: "OH THAT, I threw it out - it was no use anyway." Got my own back the other day though - she couldn't find a book that she'd shifted during her Spring clean. I eventually founnd it and was able to say "Be more careful what you do with things in future."
  3. Here is rare evidence of the elusive Lowland Haggis; a quadruped similar to the Mountain Haggis but with even length legs instead of two long and two short. Sadly, this family lost its forest home to the bulldozers who destroyed their forest in order to make way for a wind farm. I tried to save some of their babies but alas, they didn't survive the winter. The species is now practically extinct in the far north due to the prolifereation of their greatest enemy - the ubiquitous wind farm.
  4. Don't know what's wrong Margie. Perhaps an admin can sort it out? I know Waddo has managed to view them.
  5. Looking back through the thread I noticed reference to the Queen not having a number plate. It brought to mind the time I had been up the mountain "Ben Avon" near Blamoral. It was late in the afternoon and the Queen had been attending the Braemar Highland Games along with her entourage. I was getting changed out of my muddy mountain gear and as I stood at the end of the track in nowt but my underpants there suddenly appeared a cavalcade of cars - the first bearing NO NUMBER PLATE but a coat-of-arms on a plate above the windscreen. As the procession passed I stood watching, unable to do anythin
  6. A local farmer at Sibster farm has S18STR. Ditto West Watten farm W4TEN
  7. Oztalgian: Lidls used to sell Roo meat but I haven't seen it in stock for a long while now.
  8. For those who cannot see the photos, here is the full album: A winter walk on the Caithness moors around Dirlot.
  9. My two sons catching Haddock in the Pentland Firth last summer:
  10. This one was selected for the official 2019 Caithness calendar. I took it in June last year whilst on a trip into the moors at Wag. The mountain is Morven and it is framed by the ruins of the Wag farmstead:
  11. Don't understand why no-one can see the photos. I an see them all on my screen. I'll try and post them again..... Pancake ice on the River Thurso at Dirlot: Cloe-up of the pancake ice: The river: The track at Westerdale: Anglers' bridge over the river: "S" bend: Nora Batty in the wilderness: Anglers' bothy Weir: Rapids: On my way home:
  12. Compo in Edwardian bathing suit and flippers, getting thrown into the fountains in Market Square c1981:
  13. Epsom's chippy at the bottom of Redhill Road where it joins Mansfield Road, Redhill. This photo always brings back great and happy memories of walking up to the "Arch Bridge" when I was a kid. It certainly fits the bill of Cheering me up! "Threepenn'orth of chips and a fritter please."
  14. 250ft high cliffs on the East Caithness coast at Ulbster. Taken last Thursday:
  15. Sunrise from the appartment terrace:
  16. Thanks you all for the lovely comments, gang. Nonna: The boots were in a shop in El Rocio, Andalucia, Spain. not far from the provincial capital, Huelva. Affer: Canon 760D DSLR and Sigma 18-200mm F3.5 lens. Photos taken in RAW format. Bought it second-hand....been in Scotland so long that I've become too mean to buy a new one. Doesn't help having a Yorkshire father too.
  17. I remember a sketch from "I'm sorry I'lll read that again" about three toed sloths. It was the question of if you threw a stone into a bucket of three toed sloths - did the ripples still travel outwards? Still catching up with Gideon's Way from TP. I set the machine to record the lot whilst I was away. Only nine left to watch now.
  18. Right....time to get my posterior in gear and get out into the garden to plant me tatties before the storm returns.........
  19. I once travelled into the Arctic on a Hurtigruten ship which went up the Norwegian coast, every time a Hurtigruten ship passed another of their flock going in the opposite direction, they sounded their foghorns at each other in salute - day or night. No silent passing in the night in Norway!
  20. These boots were made for walking - and dresses there were too!
  21. In the town of El Rocio. No paved streets, just sand: At Church:
  22. On the runway at Gibraltar airport:
  23. Wild horses in the DoƱana marshes: