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  1. midget gem, or early days.. lucky seven... later... Kilo Romeo 1... after a motor bike lol oh the joys... anyone still using the airwaves??
  2. 80skid

    CB Radio

    yeah thats what im looking for some old side band set.. and as for the york 863 with 80 channels? great rig! so is the harrier to be honest.. be intrested if your selling? hahaa do you remember what your sidebander is
  3. handles and call signs please.. any good buddies out there??
  4. 80skid

    CB Radio

    ive not been on for a while breaker but itching to get back to it... probably do more "dx" side than anything else... hoping to find some old kit that will be more easy to use that this newer gear on the market?? hahaha well see how it go's good buddy!! ;]
  5. looking for unwanted CB radio gear!!

  6. 80skid

    CB Radio

    @bigpimp or any other cb'ers i could be interested in obtaining any old cb radio gear.. rigs, twigs, burners, power supplys and any other related stuffs..... please contact me..... "10/10 GOOD BUDDYS" :-)